Diversify Your Super Bowl Picks

For many sports bettors the line and over/under bets are a wash when it comes to the Super Bowl. The problem with Super Sunday is the fact that bettors only have one game on which to bet. There are very few choices. So, when it’s time for the Super Bowl what should you do as a football handicapper? Do you load all of your cash on those two bets? The trick to successful sports betting is diversification, unit management and fiscal responsibility.

This is the time to focus on Super Bowl proposition bets. When we talk about Super Bowl props we’re not interested in wagers such as those focusing on the coin flip or who will score the first touchdown. These are bad bets that are equal to playing roulette or slots. Stay away from them.

You want to bet on various over/unders such as how many yards a quarterback will throw for, total rushing yards and other such stats. The trick with the Super Bowl for football bettors is to wager a few units on the over/under and spread and to then find three to five solid props on which to bet.

Only bet on props that you feel strongly about and that are backed up by stats and facts. Only take props that offer two outcomes. Anything more drastically lessens your edge. This is one of a few reasons why a bet on such as who will score the first touchdown in the football game is a bad one to make.

Plus, if you decide to wager on a quarterback’s total throwing yards, then be sure to take into consideration all aspects, including each part of his opponents defense. This is not a gut bet and the more analysis you perform the better your chances of winning it.

The other thing to do is to make sure you diversify your wagers. You may think that proposition betting is the way to diversify. It’s just one way to do so. You then want to make sure your props don’t all focus on one team.

In other words, putting all of your cash on one team dominating can be very dangerous. So make sure that you put some money down on props connected to both clubs. Thus, you might wager on Quarterback A tossing for more than 300 yards and Quarterback B throwing for less than 275 yards. The same may be true for receivers and/or running backs.

You can hedge your bets by putting 2 units on Quarterback A and 1 unit on B. You’re not trying to offset losses so much as augmenting wins. Ask yourself, if Quarterback A does toss for over 300 yards, what are the chances are B will do the same? Are they as good as A, how resilient are their receivers and how solid is their frontline?

You’re not simply making these bets out of the blue. You’re weighing past performance, matchups, experience and game plans. The basic idea here is to make sure you don’t put all of your bets on one team. Even if it means going with the under on the other team; that can be a good choice.

Finally, be careful with how much of your bankroll you toss at the Super Bowl. Remember that it is only one game. Normally, you would not wager much more than 2% to 5% on one contest. Let’s say you have a bank of $6,000. If you take 5% of that, you’d have $300 with which to wager. At $100 a unit, you’re make three bets at the most. If you want to make more bets, it’s not a good idea to use more of you bankroll. Throwing 10%, 15% or 20% of your stake at the Super Bowl can leave you a lot lighter than when you started.

Thus, if you’re looking to make six wagers with $300, then make each unit worth $50. That gives you six units. Or you may even divide the cash into 15 units worth $20 each. The fact is with that type of breakdown you can really mix up your betting, putting 4 units on the spread, 2 on the over/under, and 9 more on various props, giving more weight to the better bets.

If football handicappers follow this plan, their worst scenario leaves them light by $300 and their best case adds almost $300 to their present bankroll. No you will have not made a killing on the Super Bowl, but you may have possibly made some cash while protecting most of your stake and the cash you’ve earned over the course of the season.

Be a smart bettor and money manager on Super Sunday. Remember that is is only one game. Instead of tossing a lot at that contest, you should be gearing up for NBA and NCAA basketball, the NHL and even MLB betting. Yes, diversify in that way too. Diversity is the key in successful sports betting year-in and year-out.

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