Early NFL Betting

The sports bettor is always looking for deals. Each and every day, even during the off-season, professional bettors are trying to find an edge. The NFL offers some interesting opportunities when it comes to betting. This is even true in the off-season. Here’s how to take advantage of some choice wagering opportunities that often go unnoticed.

Some online sportsbooks will offer opening week lines in the middle of the summer. That’s right, if you tool around the Internet you’re going to find early lines that you can take and some of them will be quite soft. Shop around and look for football teams listed on the plus side in double digits and consider the bet. Be sure to go to various books. Lines could be quite different at this time.

However, don’t bet on any of these lines unless you have solid information and knowledge regarding the NFL and the particular teams involved. Betting without the necessary info would be like throwing dice. Your outcome will be based on chance entirely. Stay away from teams that have developing quarterback situations or that will be bringing a new head coach on-board.

If you can find a soft line or two on the plus side that’s great. Just think, you’ve made your first game-day bets before the dog days of summer have settled in. The great thing is that these lines are soft and they will probably tighten up. Thus, lets say as an example you found Detroit +10½ and Chicago -10½.  You took the Lions with the early line. It’s a good bet.

Now it’s late August and the line has the Bears at -7. You can take the other side of that because now that a good bet. You now have the possibly of winning both. Don’t do this automatically. Take some time to do your homework. But chances are, this could be a good deal.

So what’s just happened? You’ve snared a great deal on both sides of the NFL point spread. You’ve got the benefit of the soft line and the hard line. That’s smart cash on both sides. However, you really need to understand and know the NFL in order to make the most of these opportunities. Here’s another classic example.

Let’s say that the Minnesota Vikings are visiting Green Bay. The game starts out with the Packers at -6.0 and the Vikings at +6.0. Wow!  The Packers are a great home club and the Vikings are a bad away team. Also, Green Bay has a rabid fan base and the team loves playing outdoors. The Vikings, who are the visitors, will have to deal with the Packer fans and natural elements. Remember that this is an early line and it is a great one for Green Bay. Take the Packers.

As time goes on the line may move. Chances are more points will be given to the Vikings. Let’s assume that Minnesota comes in at -7½. With that point spread, they look like a pretty good deal. How does this game work if you take both sides? If the Packers win by 7 points, you win cash on both sides.

There are a few extra warnings that go along with this football betting strategy. In addition to your need to know the two teams extremely well, including past history, you have to find soft lines that have a lot of value. These lines will look like no-brainers. Don’t chase every game in June or July. There’s no possible way that you’re going to find even five games that are worth your attention.

As the NFL season draws closer and you’re monitoring the spreads don’t jump at the first change. As the point spread starts to become firm, it will be going one way or the other. Once it starts to move then chances are it will move in that same direction. Spreads rarely change direction. So be patient and wait for the best line that you can get. There’s no rush. You simply need to bet before the start of the game.

So check out the NFL at online sportsbooks in June and July. You’re not looking for futures in terms of a football team winning the conference or league title. You’re searching for game betting opportunities that you can exploit.

Once again, it is important to look for and consider NFL sports betting opportunities throughout the year. A few extra wins here and a few there can make a big difference in the scheme of things. Stay tuned to the NFL throughout the year and you’ll be making money even in the off-season. Once the season starts, you’ll be ahead of the game and that’s a great place for any sports bettor to be.


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