Have You Considered a Sports Betting Exchange?

The Internet has made the sports betting world a bit like the Wild West. Sure there are a lot of traditional bookmaking sites. But there are also various groundbreaking, innovative sites that sports bettors are finding interesting and attractive. One such site is the sports betting exchange. These exchanges are quite different from your traditional sportsbook. They take sports betting to a whole new level.

With a sports betting exchange, the sports bettor has a lot more control and power than they do at a sportsbook. Some of these sites get 10,000 bets per minute and that high volume means that there’s a lot of flexibility for the bettor. A sports betting exchange is more like an auction site or the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. That’s because sports bettors are setting the odds and terms on a specific event. That translates into a highly volatile situation.

The bettor sets their odds and terms and then someone else can make a counter offer. In essence one bettor is taking on the other. The counter offer allows for bets on either side. Those you’ve got two sports bettors who have basically made their own betting line on a game and are now competing against one another. With bets in place, one of the players wins and the other loses. The winner takes home the cash.

How does the site make money? They collect a small commission from the winner. Because the sports betting exchange is doing such a high volume of business, they don’t have to charge a lot on a bet. This creates an amazing amount of volume and a lot of volatility. For the sports bettor who knows what they’re doing, there are plenty of chances to make cash, cash and more cash.

Betting exchanges attract everyone from the high rollers to low stakes player. High stakes bettors love to go up against other high stakes players and low stakes guys can always find some solid action at these sites. There are a whole lot of different and unique betting scenarios that are offered. Plus, you’ll find a range of experience from the ultra savvy to the neophyte, from the shark to the fish. Warning, if you’re a fish watch out for those sharks.

One type of bet that many players enjoy is the in-play wager. The in-play bet is made on a game that is in-progress. Bettors are wagering on likely outcomes and as the live play progresses the results are revealed. Various bets can be made on one game as it develops. This can be a very exciting and explosive situation that calls for extremely smart betting and the ability to quickly and accurately analyze a developing situation.

One another type of wager you’ll find is similar to the in-play bet. This is the second half, next period of quarter bet. This bet focuses on which team will win the next stanza of a given game. Usually there’s some sort of point spread used or if bet without points, there can be three choices for the bettors—win, lose, tie. It’s a great bet for those who can pin point momentum changes and who understand the potential of each coach, his staff and the players with which they’re working.

Some exchanges keep track of bettor stats and publish them, which attracts highly competitive sports bettors who want to take on top performers and others who may be looking to find some fish. That is guys who are easy targets and have lost a lot. Plus, these sites are very attractive to sports bettors because the margins are low and the bettor gets to keep a lot more of the cash they win.

Sports betting exchanges are very popular as they give the gambler a lot more control than they can get at a traditional sportsbook. If you’re looking for a place where you can name your own terms, take on another sports bettor head-to-head and pay a much smaller commission than you would at a traditional sportsbook, then you want to get over to some of the sports betting exchanges. They’re great—suddenly you’re the odds maker, pick specialist and sports bettor all in one.

If you’re new to the process, you should start out with a low stakes bet and stay at that level until you get your footing and find your balance. It’s a whole other experience and a rollercoaster ride that makes sports betting about as exciting as it can be.

Experience will allow sports bettors to raise the stakes and make more cash. Be careful at these sites. Make sure you use unit bets and don’t throw cash around haphazardly. This is very easy to do. Keep your focus. A sports betting exchange is a great place to create your terms and enjoy competitive sports betting. Use it to your advantage.

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