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Basketball of All Types

Chris Bosh scored 44 points and 12 rebounds in Milwaukee last night. No other starter had more than 13 points, and the Raptors lost to the Bucks by six. Note to the Raptors – hanging your best player out to dry like that is not a very good way to get said best player to […]

Chan Freaking Gailey?!?!?!?!?!?

The Buffalo Bills are a team I really want to like. I’ve been to a game at Ralph Wilson, and I thoroughly enjoyed it – it’s a pleasant stadium with good sight lines and very good tailgating in my experience. They’ve had their share of iconic players over the years, and they often seem to […]

Tuesday Quick Notes

1. Have you seen the lineup for the slam dunk contest this year? It may finally be time to take this horse out behind the barn and shoot it. When the biggest name in the contest is Nate Robinson – a guy who can’t even get consistent playing time for a terrible team – you […]

Norv Turner Must Go

The Cowboys are the first team to make a mistake today – they have decided to keep Wade Phillips on board for at least another year. I really don’t see that going well and think that they should have made a change, but what’s done is done. The Chargers really need to not make the […]

Ten Rapid-fire Sunday Notes

1. My beloved Wolverines beat UConn today, and looked good doing it. The tournament dreams are still on life-support, but this certainly helps keep them alive. The next three games – all conference contests against good, ranked squads – will be crucial. 2. This is supposed to be the best weekend of the year in […]

NFL Playoffs: Assessing Sunday

Five Thoughts about each of Sunday’s games: Dallas (+2.5) at Minnesota 1. Is the Dallas defense for real? They have allowed just two touchdowns in the last 12 quarters, and have looked almost unbeatable, but that has come in two games against the obviously deeply flawed Eagles and a game at the terrible Redskins. This […]

NFL Playoffs: Assessing Saturday

Five Thoughts about each of Saturday’s games: Arizona (+7) at New Orleans 1. The total is interesting here. The books set it at a sky high 57.5 – higher than either team had faced all year. Still, because of what Arizona did last week and what New Orleans is capable of doing I was expecting […]

Thursday Notes – January 14

1. Can someone please explain to me what the NFL offensive player of the year award means. I thought I knew – it seem self-evident – but this year’s voting leaves me totally mystified. Peyton Manning won the MVP award in a landslide because he was far more dominant and effective than any other player. […]

Six Thoughts on a Wednesday

1. The more I think about it, the more I become convinced that Lane Kiffin is the worst hire a major contender has made in, well maybe ever. He’s proven nothing as a coach, he has absolutely no loyalty or staying power, and recruits won’t trust him as far as they can throw him after […]

USC: A Fine Mess

Update: Forget about everything I wrote below. Reportedly, Lane Kiffin is leaving Tennessee for USC. Apparently the Trojans are determined to suck. Brutal. There is precisely one thing that, in my eyes, USC absolutely could  not afford to have happen – have the first coach they offer the job to turn it down. That’s just […]

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