Ten Rapid-fire Sunday Notes

1. My beloved Wolverines beat UConn today, and looked good doing it. The tournament dreams are still on life-support, but this certainly helps keep them alive. The next three games – all conference contests against good, ranked squads – will be crucial.

2. This is supposed to be the best weekend of the year in the NFL, but not this year. The first three games lacked anything even remotely resembling competition, and the Jets-Chargers game that I am watching as I write this is as boring as a game can possibly be. Dull.

3. I have absolutely no problem with Favre’s last TD in the game today. I’ve never understood the concept that teams are supposed to quit trying down the stretch if they are winning easily. Showing mercy has been no part of what got these guys to the pros, so why should they have to show it now.

4. Mark Sanchez has obvious upside, but he’ll still a long, long way from a guy who can effectively lead a big-time offense in the playoffs. If the Jets couldn’t run it would be very scary.

5. So long, Wade Phillips. I really don’t see how Jerry Jones can keep him around after that mess of a performance.

6. Minnesota at New Orleans – I’ve had that one potentially circled on my calendar for a couple of months, and I now expect it to be at least as good as I thought it could be. It should be fantastic. If this week is any indication, though, it should be a snore-fest.

7. First time ever that both championship games will be played in a dome. That’s a surprising stat until you actually think about how many domes there are in the AFC.

8. Jerry Stackhouse is reportedly about to sign with Milwaukee for the rest of the year. He still has some miles left in his tires, I think, so I really like this move.

9. What should the Cowboys do about Tony Romo? This game did nothing to advance the theory that he is a QB who can win in the playoffs in the long term.

10. I really, really hope that that’s not the last time we see Kurt Warner on the field. He deserves to go out better than that.

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