Southern California Trojans
2010 Record: 8-5
2010 Bowl Result: no game, ineligible
2010 Against the Spread: 6-7
2010 over/under: 7-6
Returning Starters: 15 (6 offense, 9 defense)

Matt Barkley USC Trojans Football
Matt Barkley and teh USC Trojans are still on probation and can't play in the postseason. They still have enough talent to compete with any team in the country.

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While Brian Kelly's tenure started out with a win, early college football betting action suggests Michigan represents a much bigger test for the Irish
It’s easy to have a knee-jerk reaction to the opening weekend of college football.  Sit back, take a breath and, look over what happened.  When the smoke clears, it will be easy to separate the fact from fiction in Week 1.

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Here is this weeks installment of the College Football Weekly Recap for June 28 through the 4th of July.  While the NBA free agency buzz has captivated the sporting world, there were still a few NCAA football stories to take note of to help with your future college football picks ats this coming season.

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College Football Weekly Recap June 14 – 20

Texas stops the bleeding; saves Big 12

The Texas Longhorn decided that the Big 12 is the better conference for them. Or maybe they just liked the money. Texas got an invite from the Pac-10 and said thanks – but no, thanks. They effectively stopped the bleeding before it really started. Yes, the Big 12 still lost Nebraska and Colorado, but the Longhorns’ decision kept the rest of the conference intact. 

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Wow! What a week in college football. Three teams have already announced their moves to a new conference, and more will follow. And it looks like the Big 12 will fall apart in the aftermath of Nebraska’s move.

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Update: Forget about everything I wrote below. Reportedly, Lane Kiffin is leaving Tennessee for USC. Apparently the Trojans are determined to suck. Brutal.

There is precisely one thing that, in my eyes, USC absolutely could  not afford to have happen – have the first coach they offer the job to turn it down. That’s just what appears to have happened today, though. Jack Del Rio is reportedly sticking around with the Jacksonville Jaguars for at least another year. He’ was a star linebacker back in the day for USC, and he even won a Rose Bowl MVP, so he has ties to the program even if he doesn’t have college coaching experience. He’s not actually saying that he was offered the job, but the rumors are plentiful enough and strong enough that we can assume he was.

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This Tim Floyd situation is going to get uglier and uglier. His resignation, and the speed and seeming joy with which the athletic department at USC took it, is a clear indicator of his guilt in the alleged cash-spreading incident, and it’s not hard to imagine him being guilty of more, either. The NCAA combined their investigation into the basketball team with their one into Reggie Bush and the football team et al . That would suggest that they are taking it pretty seriously, and this just adds fuel to their efforts. It will be very interesting to see what happens here. It could end very badly – loss of scholarships or post-season eligibility or the like. This really makes you wonder if maybe Pete Carroll will find the next NFL offer too good to refuse. If he does have some blood on his hands then he’d be much better off following the example of John Calipari – get out ahead of the scandal – than that of Tim Floyd.

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Wow, is this ever a terrible Monday night game. If someone paid me to come up with something nice to say about these teams or this game I would have to give the money back. With one exception – Steve Slaton has had a very good game, and that’s becoming a trend for him. The biggest problem is that we are getting exactly the same game that it looked like we would get. I just wish the league would do something about these terrible Monday night matchups – like cancel them.

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A few things occupying my thoughts:

Monday Night Football is just a couple of hours away. I am torn in the game. The big thing that stops me from backing New Orleans enthusiastically is the loss of Sedrick Ellis. I have no idea what the impact of his absence will be, but I am very curious to find out. He’s really coming into his own, and he would have made it much harder for Minnesota to run. Since they can’t really pass, that would have been important. This isn’t going to be a classic game, but it is certainly an interesting one to consider. Talented but terribly flawed teams.

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