Monday Night Notes

Wow, is this ever a terrible Monday night game. If someone paid me to come up with something nice to say about these teams or this game I would have to give the money back. With one exception – Steve Slaton has had a very good game, and that’s becoming a trend for him. The biggest problem is that we are getting exactly the same game that it looked like we would get. I just wish the league would do something about these terrible Monday night matchups – like cancel them.

The home team is cruising to an easy win tonight, but that was an exception this weekend. Ten of the 12 Sunday games were won by visitors – yet another bizarre anomaly of the kind that the NFL is so good at producing. The visitors were also very kind to bettors, going 9-2-1 ATS. It wasn’t like it was all road favorites, either – there were only four, and they were 2-1-1 ATS. That means that road dogs were 7-1 ATS. That’s really what makes the NFL so interesting – every week seems to have a very strong trend to it, but they are never the same, and it is almost impossible to determine what that trend will be in advance.

It was a bland Monday night in college basketball action. Only four Top 25 teams were in action, and none of them had to even show a pulse to come out ahead. The only real intrigue is USC – with 16 minutes left in the second half they are currently having far more trouble with San Francisco than they really should.

There are reports that Notre Dame might be biding their time until they can have a chance to talk to Urban Meyer and try to lure him back to South Bend. I have never heard anything more ridiculous or preposterous. The day Meyer leaves Florida for Notre Dame is the day I leave home to go be the coach in Gainesville.

First Brady Quinn goes out for the year with a finger injury. Now Derek Anderson is out for the year with an MCL injury. That leaves Ken Dorsey. Man, am I ever glad that I don’t care about the Browns.

There are now eight Big East teams in the Top 25 – the most ever for one conference. Man, is conference play ever going to be brilliant. January can’t come soon enough.

Stephon Marbury is banished from the Knicks. The sides can’t come to terms on a buyout. Please lord, just make this ridiculous drama end. It’s time like this that make me wish that I was a billionaire. That way I could just pay Marbury off so he would disappear.

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