I really, really don’t understand what the Vikings are thinking. This has been the case for the whole offseason, but it was reinforced now that I just read the latest story out of the endless Favre saga. A source has come out and said that Favre is conflicted about his choice, which he has said he will make by the end of this month. The source indicated that Favre would perhaps favor retirement, but he feels an obligation to the Vikings coaching staff and to the players who have been lobbying him to join them. I still think that Favre will decide to join the team. What I don’t understand is why they would want him.

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The Mets have told GM Omar Minaya and manager Jerry Manuel that their jobs are secure. I have just one question – what the hell are they thinking? I understand that injuries have been a big problem for this team this year, but it goes far beyond that. Minaya has built a team full of overpaid duds, and they clearly have a long list of serious attitude problems. There is no other way to explain why they have faltered the last two years down the stretch and they are totally irrelevant this year. There is absolutely no excuse for that on a team that has as much revenue as this team has. Minaya has had a bankroll to play with that would be the envy of 25 or so other GMs in the league, and he has consistently been disappointing. Terrible. Minaya clearly isn’t the answer, and the longer he is left in charge the worse it is going to get. Manuel is less at fault, but he needs to go along with Minaya as well so that a real GM can bring in his own guy. The only thing I can hope for the sake of this team is that the vows of job security are as strong as the one that Bobby Valentine gt from this team before he was fired.

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Sometimes you really have to shake your head. Toronto GM J.P. Ricciardi set a deadline today of July 28 for moving Roy Halladay. He says he has yet to see a deal he likes, and he says that dealing Halladay is now unlikely. Ricciardi is a moron. If he doesn’t manage to get this one right then he doesn’t deserve to be in charge of a big league team. Of course, nothing he has done in the last three years has made us think that he deserves that. I like th Jays, and if you read this blog then you know that I think Halladay is the best there is. I’d love him to stay in Toronto forever, but there are a couple of unavoidable facts – this team is not going to be a serious contender for the next couple of years, and Halladay can’t last forever. The Jays need to get rid of him, and they need to use this opportunity to add to the young talent they are already developing. This is a once in a decade opportunity for the Jays, and this moron Ricciardi is going to screw it up. The only thing they will accomplish by keeping him this year is to significantly reduce the haul they get back for him when they inevitably dump him next year in the last year of his contract. There is no issue here – nothing to debate. I hope that Ricciardi figures that out before it is too late. With enough contending teams in good markets desperate for pitching there is a big deal to be made, and Ricciardi needs to buck up and make it. He’s a disgrace to guys with initials for names.

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Probably the only people not rooting for Tom Watson to win the British Open were Stewart Cink’s wife and immediate family. Then again, you never know. It was tough to root against the 59-year-old Watson. Everybody wanted him to win, including everyone in the press, because it was such a great story!

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I really don’t get this whole David Beckham situation. (if you missed it, Beckham was booed throughout his first home game since returning from Milan yesterday) Or rather, I don’t get why people are so upset about the guy. It all comes down to expectations, I guess. What has happened hasn’t been great, but absolutely none of it is even the least bit surprising or unpredictable. In fact, if you didn’t see most of what has happened coming then you just didn’t spend the effort to understand the situation.

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If you were well above the average age of competitors in your sport then you should probably just have stayed at home on Sunday.

First, Lance Armstrong had to endure what must have been the most frustrating 20 minutes of his career. He and teammate Alberto Contador were virtually tied in Tour de France overall standings, and there was still some public debate about who would be the team’s leader – the one who the rest of the teammates work for to ensure he can win. There is no question about that anymore. Armstrong and Contador, who don’t seem to like each other much, were wheel to wheel for much of the long ride. The final 10 miles or so of the race were pretty much straight up hill. Again, Lance was climbing with Contador and looked very comfortable and relaxed. Suddenly, Contador made a bold move to break away. Armstrong had the legs to at least give chase and try to chase Contador down, but tradition dictates that you don’t try to chase down a teammate if he makes a break. That left Armstrong to sit there and stew as his shot to win the Tour likely went right out the window. This was almost certainly a team-dictated strategy and not one that Contador pursued on his own, but it still had to kill a competitive guy like Lance. He’s used to winning this race, and he is unlikely to have many  more chances to do so.

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Jason Schmidt hasn’t pitched in the majors for two years, but Dodgers’ manager Joe Torre announced before his game tonight that Schmidt is off the 60 day DL and will rejoin the team on Monday. Given what he has gone through, and because he is 36, I don’t hold out high hopes for him. Still, if he were able to come back and be even moderately useful then it’s a good boost to a rotation that is good but certainly could use some depth going into the stretch charge.

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I like old guys in professional sports who can still get the job done. On the other hand, I get peeved with old guys who don’t know when to hang it up. Of course, “old” is a relative term. Late 30s to 40s is old in most sports, whereas in most other aspects of life people in that age group are still considered young. It all has to do with peak physical performance, which for most happens in their late 20s to mid 30s. There have been some old guys in the new lately. Here they are.

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Of course I predicted that Miguel Angel Jimenez would be leading Tom Watson by one stroke after one round of the British Open. I mean, who didn’t? It was totally obvious. Bizarre. Only a couple of things made sense about the first round. Steve Stricker continued his hot play and is right in the mix. Camilo Villegas regained his lost form and is right there with Stricker. I’ll be annoyed if Villegas wins this thing – he’s been a choice for me in every major for the last couple of years, but I skipped over him this time because he has been so frustratingly ineffective. I think I’ll be safe, though. Oh, and what is it about Ben Curtis and this tournament? Bizarre.

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The third funniest thing I heard yesterday was that Richard Gasquet, the tennis pro suspended for testing positive for cocaine, decided to use the kissing defense. He claims that he was out partying one night when he kissed a random girl who had just happened to have recently snorted cocaine. Remnants of that cocaine were, he claims, still on her lips, so it was transferred to him when he went for the lip-lock. The next day he was drug tested and that’s why he says that test was positive. That sounds like the kind of theory that only a coke addict could come up with.

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