Could this be the year Spurrier and the Gamecocks put it all together?
Everyone know about the teams that are expected to be the truly elite squads in college football this year – Alabama, Ohio State, Boise State and so on. We also know about the teams that just aren’t ready for prime time. Where the real opportunities are for college football handicappers, though, is in spotting the teams poised have a better season than people expect. Being ahead of the betting public is always a good place to be. Here are three teams that have the potential to be surprisingly good – perhaps even good enough to win their conferences, or in one case at least their division:

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Hawks VS Magic NBA Schedule
Hawks @ Orlando on Nov 8th is a prove it game for the Hawks
The NBA schedule has finally been released in it’s entirety after the league teased us over the last week with some marquee games. That means that this is a good time to look over the schedule for 10 games that stand out as interesting ones for bettors to keep a close eye on. I don’t want to be painfully predictable, so I’m going to leave most games featuring the Lakers and the Heat off – every game they play is going to be worth watching. Here are ten more slightly lower profile games (okay, one is as high profile as it gets, but you get the point) that stand out at first glance:

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Here are top stories for last weeks college football news.  With the arrests and DUI’s, NCAA football is becoming more and more like the NFL each and every week.  Still this is good info from the guys that make the best college football picks on the net.

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NFL weekly recap July 5th-July 11th.  As usual this weekly edition of NFL news will include Michael Vick once again.  There were also a few contract signings as well as more news on superstar corner Darrelle Revis prepared to sit out training camp until he gets a new contract.  Onto the weekly news.

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In the wake of LeBron’s decision, the future bet nba odds to win the NBA championship next season have changed dramatically. All of a sudden a certain team in South Beach finds itself at the top of the list of choices with sportsbooks.

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The NBA Draft is just around the corner. The draft is an absolute crapshoot, but there a re a couple of things we know for sure – some guys are going to be much better than expected, and some are going to be absolute busts. Identifying the guys that will fall into either group is an inexact science, but we can certainly speculate. Here’s a look at six guys who have serious bust potential:

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A lot of players chosen in the NBA Draft each year aren’t expected to hit the ground running. Teams that pick them know that it will take a year or two for them to grow up physically, learn the pro game, and adjust to the mental and physical demands of the new league. Each year, though, there are guys that are valuable contributing players to their teams pretty much right out of the gate. Stephen Curry fits that bill from last year, and Brandon Jennings and Tyreke Evans really did – they were arguably the best players on their teams. Here’s a look at six guys who could be useful for their new teams right from the start:

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Teams are in the process of preparing for training camp and rosters are shaping up. Nothing is set in stone yet, and injuries in camp can still change the look of a team for next season. However, we now have a good idea of what the teams will look like. On top of that, it is never too early to look at the Super Bowl futures, as there is some value to be found for the early bird.

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Something changes in baseball when the calendar turns to June. Through April and May we will often see players and pitchers post numbers that are far better than they were expected to, or teams that get off to shockingly good starts. By June, though, the season is a third over, and the weight of numbers and reality starts to weigh on players. Overachieving players start to come back to earth, and teams that are playing beyond themselves find that they just can’t do it anymore. June can be especially cruel for pitchers. By the time June dawns starting pitchers have faced many of their rivals at least once, and there is a large sample size of recent performances for opposing teams to scout before they face the pitchers. Good pitchers will still continue to be good pitchers, but those who are getting by because of unexpected or unfamiliar stuff aren’t going to get away with it anymore. Pitchers also have 10 or a dozen starts under their belts, so they are starting to feel the wear and tear of the season on their arms.

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Lakers Vs Celtics Game 2 Preview

The Celtics need to pick it up if they don’t want to fly back to Boston down 2-0. They didn’t show enough hustle in Thursday’s game and were outmatched by a more physical Lakers team. Kobe Bryant drove to the basket all night and the Celtics weren’t able to stop him. He ended up with 30 points, seven rebounds and six assists.

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