NBA Odds to Win the 2011 Championship

In the wake of LeBron’s decision, the future bet nba odds to win the NBA championship next season have changed dramatically. All of a sudden a certain team in South Beach finds itself at the top of the list of choices with sportsbooks.

The Miami Heat are the favorite to win behind their new triple threat of LeBron, Wade, and Bosh at 7-to-4 at bodog. However, while they obviously have an extremely strong big three, there are several problems that the Heat could – and in my opinion will – run into.

Their current situation will result in several minimum-salary players signing with the team, which could lead to a Heat roster that consists of three (nearly) max players, and nine minimum-salary guys. History has shown that you can build a team around three big players, but it has also proven that you can’t succeed without a strong supporting cast.

When you look closer at this lopsided roster, there are several issues that could keep the Heat from winning a championship right away. Miami is talking to former Wizards shooting guard Mike Miller, which would give them an additional shooting threat.

However, the Heat will be in trouble when their stars have to sit down and take a rest. They won’t have anybody to control the game and hold leads. They also will be in huge trouble if one of their big guys goes down with an injury. They don’t have anybody to step in and pick up the slack.

For the Heat to be successful, the big three will almost have to average around 44 minutes per game, which could spell disaster in the playoffs. The top players will go into the postseason tired, and won’t have the stamina to play through a tough playoff schedule in the East only to presumably face their toughest test in the Finals – the Lakers.

I don’t see them winning the championship in this next season, and I don’t know if LeBron made the right choice. From a betting perspective, there are several teams that offer a lot better value in the East.

The Bulls look strong with Carlos Boozer, Joakim Noah, and Derrick Rose. They also have the money to add another piece to the puzzle and they offer exceptional value at 15-to-1. Watch the rest of the free agency period and see what Chicago does to add to their roster.

They have traded Kirk Hinrich to the Wizards, but they signed sharpshooting Kyle Korver to a three-year deal. The contract is worth an estimated $15 million, which still leaves the Bulls with additional cap space.

The Magic also offer great NBA betting value at 10-to-1. They finished second in the Eastern Conference last season and they are looking even better going into next season. Orlando signed point guard Chris Duhon and haven’t lost anybody in free agency yet. It looks like they have improved their backcourt, and they will definitely be in the run to win the title.

And don’t forget about the Boston Celtics. This year’s runners-up are looking to repeat their success and make another trip to the finals. They showed that they still are one of the top teams in the league and came close to winning it all.
All the main pieces are still in place in Boston and they offer a lot better value than the Heat. Bodog has 12-to-1 odds for the Celtics to win it all, and that is a lot better than the high risk low reward situation you would get yourself into by betting on the Heat.

The Lakers still look like the lock to come out of the West and have a good chance to repeat. They are still the team to beat overall and they offer better value than the Heat. Bodog has the Lakers at 11-to-4.

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