Wednesday Quick Hits

I don’t understand where Manny’s head is at right now. He threw a tantrum yesterday after getting struck out and got himself chucked out of the game. He was in a bad mood all day and didn’t seem to understand why the New York crowd was booing his every move. What does he expect? It’s like the guy has no sense at all of what he did – he seems like he just got a free 50 day vacation. Idiot.

This NBA offseason has already been at least as interesting as 2010 promises to be, and the latest development makes it possible that 2010 will fizzle completely. The league sent a memo to teams this week saying that the 2010 salary cap is expected to fall by between five and eight million from where it is now. That will eat up a bunch of cap space that teams have been building up, and will limit the options for several of the big stars. I don’t expect most of the big names to make it as far as free agency anyway – I expect a nice extension or two to come along sometime soon.

Bartolo Colon is supposed to start Thursday in Charlotte to rehab for a potential return to the White Sox as soon as July 24. There’s a problem, though – no one, including his agent, knows where he is. He’s off the grid. That seems like an odd decision for a guy who has been given another chance by one of the few teams willing to deal with him right now. It will be interesting to follow and watch his self-destruction. It’s hard to believe that this guy is just three full seasons removed from winning a Cy Young.

Josh Hamilton has returned from injury, and he looks like a machine. He is 5-for-8 in his two games back. It would be nice to see him have a big second half – both for him and because it could really help the Rangers stay tight with, and hopefully beat, the Angels. I don’t know why, but I really don’t like Anaheim.

I was surprised to see the deal that Chris Andersen got from the Nuggets. He’s a nice piece off of the bench, and he could probably play a bigger role if he had to, but I don’t really get the money or the length – five years and $26 million. That’s a lot to commit to a non-starter, and a long time to tie yourself to a guy coming off a two year drug suspension. I was expecting something more like three years an $11 million or so.

The Jays have talked to Roy Halladay about the possibility of a trade and are now apparently open to offers. That would be the sad end to an era if he is moved. I bet several AL pitchers having good years are hoping he is moved to theNL so they don’t have to worry about him in the Cy Young race.

Bizarre, freaky accident by Ryan Dempster on Sunday. He was jumping over the railing of the dugout to go onto the field to celebrate a win when he got his foot caught on the railing. He fell hard on his toe and ended up breaking it. He could be out for a month or more. Tough break (pun intended) for a team that needs all the pitching help it can get.Dempster has been pitching much better than his record lately, but just hasn’t had the run support to post decent win totals. He has allowed two or fewer earned runs in three ofhis last six games, and is just 0-1 over that stretch.

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