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My Top Ten

I won’t bore you with a complete mock draft, because the more picks a person makes the more variables, and the more chance they are really, really wrong. I will tackle the top ten picks, though. I think there will be some trade action in the top ten, but none has happened as I write […]

Trades and Signings Impacting Playoffs in NBA

Last year in the NBA was the year of the huge trade. Pau Gasol ended up in Lakerland, a great move that propelled Los Angeles to the Finals. Shaquille O’Neal was traded from Miami to Phoenix for Shawn Marion in a trade that seemed to make both teams worse. Jason Kidd went to Dallas for […]

How Far Can the Celtics Go Without Garnett?

Tax day has come rolling around. So it’s perhaps unlikely to be thinking of Santa Claus right now. But that may be exactly what Celtics fans are doing. Boston may be thinking with no small amount of anguish about the team they had on Christmas Day, compared with the team they have today. Paging back […]

Guys I Wouldn’t Draft

I’m no NFL general manager or scout, and I don’t have access to a tiny fraction of the data that they do. That doesn’t stop me from getting hunches about players in the draft, though. I can’t pretend to be always accurate, but I have my moments both good and bad – I had a […]

Are the Bruins Back?

Boston fans are feeling hungry again. Earlier this decade they were laying claim to being “Title Town, USA.” And they certainly got used to some winning. The Red Sox won the World Series in 2004 and 2007. But since then they have lost some pop, including Manny Ramirez. They are currently a .500 team. The […]

Playoffs are Adjustment Season

The focus in the NBA’s first weekend of play has largely been on upsets. But it may be too soon to draw any grand conclusions from the results. That’s because playoff play is a different animal from regular season play. The difference between the two is generally underappreciated. There are multiple ways that adjustment from […]

Potential QB Bargains

This is not a very interesting draft year when it comes to quarterbacks, Matthew Stafford is the clear leader, but he’s far from a lock, and he probably would only have been third or fourth to go last year. Mark Sanchez has his backers, and he has obvious skills, but just one year of real […]

National League: How Hot is Hot?

It’s early in the MLB season. But two teams are looking good enough right now to suggest that the National League may be ready to win the World Series. Neither the AL nor NL have dominated the World Series in the 2000’s. It has been almost a perfect alternating pattern. Each NL victory has been […]

Mind Games in the NBA

Because the NBA is such a showcase for amazing athleticism, it’s easy to believe that success in the sport is only a physical thing. As the first weekend of playoff basketball showed, that’s not entirely true. There is a reason that coaches talk a great deal about the mental game. This might seem a bit […]

An Unfortunate Free Fall

It remains to be seen where he ends up on draft day, but few guys have free fallen more since the end of the season than Ball State QB Nate Davis. Davis had an incredibly impressive start to his season this year, and Ball State turned into a national sweetheart after running through the regular […]

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