The Philadelphia Eagles travel to Cincinnati Friday night to try and tame the Bengals. The game promises to be an exciting matchup with offensive firepower coming from each side. Oddsmakers have predictably listed the home Bengals as the favorite, with Cincy giving a fieldgoal. But the line worthy of a play is the total score.

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Bill Stewart may be a nice guy, but he cant coach a lick
With Charlie Weis no longer at Notre Dame it’s no longer quite as easy to spot the worst coach in major college football. If there were an award for the dubious distinction of being less of a coach than everyone else who paces the college football sidelines it would be called the Marvin Lewis Trophy in honor of the Cincinnati Bengals’ coach who is unquestionably the worst coach in all of football. If that award existed then these four guys would be this year’s preseason favorites:

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Konerko and the White Sox offer some value in the World Series Odds at 15-1
With just less than two months left in the regular season, the divisional and Wild Card races are starting to heat up. So outside of the favorites, which teams have a realistic shot at winning the World Series and have some good value?

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Ed Reed Could Be Sidelined
This will be the final NFL weekly recap now that the NFL preseason is almost upon us. Any big NFL news stories that need to be covered from a betting perspective will be featured on their own from here on out. The Maddux Sports handicapping team is locked and loaded for a winning NFL pick season and we hope you have taken note of these stories over the summer and filed them away.

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This will be the final college football weekly recap now that the season is almost upon us.  Any big college football news stories that need to be covered from a betting perspective will be featured on their own from here on out.  The Maddux Sports handicapping team is locked and loaded for a winning college football pick season and we hope you have taken note of these stories over the summer and filed them away.

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Big 12 Football
This will be the last year of the Texas Nebraska Rivalry
Colorado, Nebraska, Utah, and Boise State will all have one thing in common this year – they will be lame ducks in their current conferences as they prepare to move to new, presumably greener pastures for the 2011 season. The amount of conference shuffling wasn’t nearly as much as it had the potential to be, but it’s still far more than we are used to – especially in the major conferences. When 2011 rolls around the Pac-10, Big Ten, and Big 12 are all going to look significantly different next year than they will this year. The Big Ten and Pac-10 will have three new teams between them, and will be split into divisions for the first time. They’ll both likely have conference championship games to worry about for the first time. The Big 12 is moving in the opposite direction – the departure of two teams will likely mean the end of divisions, and will certainly mean the end of the conference championship game.

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NFL Betting Season Win TotalsThis is a very interesting time when it comes to NFL win totals betting. They have been posted for a while now, so the initial action has bet out any obvious errors, but the public hasn’t yet paid a lot of attention to them. That likely means that the futures are somewhat more accurate now than they will be before the fans jump on the public teams. Because of that, looking at the odds right now shows us some very interesting trends and opinions. Based on the line movement and the prices available there are hints of some strong and interesting opinions held by those who have made bets so far. Here are 11 win totals that have seemed to have one-sided action so far. In each case the one-sided action can be a clue that the total is likely to change as the season nears, and it gives us something to think about when it comes to the teams (odds are form Bodog):

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After looking at the Top betting teams in the MLB, here is a look at the teams that have fared the worst for bettors so far in the 2010 season from a betting perspective and look at a team that might have some value the rest of the way.  All dollar amounts are based on a $100 stake per game scale.  You can view the updated betting results all season long on our MLB ATS standings page.

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With news about George Steinbrenner passing away rocking the baseball world only two days after former Yankees’ public address announcer Bob Sheppard died, it seems almost wrong to look at the business side of the sport.

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For some it’s one of the most exciting contests of the All-Star experience, for others it’s just plain boring. Some of the league’s best sluggers are set to face off in the 2010 MLB Homerun Derby Monday.

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