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Mariners Serious About Winning Now

I woke up this morning planning to write about the Mariners. I’ve been a long suffering fan of the team, so I am obviously giddy about theoffseason that they have had so far – quite possibly the best in the whole league. Just as I was about to start writing, though, the news broke that […]

Chris Henry

Like many sports fans, I have spent a lot of time last night and today thinking and reading about Chris Henry. Strange story. Awful Story. Senseless story. By all reports the guy was finally getting his life in order, and we have seen before that he is one heck of a player when his mind […]

Vegas Vacation

I’m back in action after spending the last few days in Vegas – just a few casual days of fun with my wife. While I was down there I obviously did the same thing I do every time I am down there – I spent as much time as I could sitting in the sportsbook. […]

Bowl Games – The Not So Good

Yesterday was the good – the six best bowl games. Today, the bad – the five worst bowl games: 1. New Orleans Bowl – Southern Mississippi and Middle Tennessee offer a couple of interesting factors – most significant, this is the final game for Southern Miss running back Damion Fletcher. Despite that, it’s hard to […]

Bowl Games – The Good

Over the next two days we’re going to look at the best and the worst of the impending college bowl season. Today I will touch on the six bowl games that I am most interested in watching, then tomorrow we’ll look at the five that I will quite likely take a pass on. Without further […]

Ten Quick NFL Thoughts

Here’s what’s crossing my mind as I get ready for a day of football action: 1. The Saints are favored by 10.5 in Atlanta. Can you imagine how crazy you would have thought I was if I had told you that that was going to be the spread back in July. Crazy, crazy stat – […]

Army – Navy Game

There is only one college football game this weekend as we are stuck in between the regular season and the start of the bowl season. We’ve spent time for the last 15 Saturday’s looking at the day’s action, so there is no reason to stop that even though we only have one game. Here, then, […]

Friday Notes

Something is very rotten in Pittsburgh. There is really no way to explain how the Steelers managed to lose to the Browns last night. The stats are just staggering. They lost to a team that has a quarterback who completed six of 19 passes for 90 yards. The Browns’ leading rusher was Josh Cribbs – […]

Thursday Notes

It’s too early to fully decide for now, but I think it’s safe to say that Richard Jefferson in San Antonio isn’t working as well it seemed like it would. He has seen the same basic amount of playing time that he has in the past, but his production has dropped by seven points from […]

Two NBA Notes, and One From College Football

Andrew Bogut perplexes me. He has the look at times of what he is – a number one overall pick. Other times, though, he can look like the most common, uninspiring player on the planet. The reason I thought of this today was I caught part of Milwaukee’s game against the Celtics. Boston won fairly […]

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