Thursday Notes

It’s too early to fully decide for now, but I think it’s safe to say that Richard Jefferson in San Antonio isn’t working as well it seemed like it would. He has seen the same basic amount of playing time that he has in the past, but his production has dropped by seven points from last year, and is his lowest since he was a rookie in 2001. Three of the last four years he has averaged about 20 points or more per game. This year he has only topped 20 points three times. The Spurs have limped out of the gate at just 10-9 after a win last night, and they have been mostly lousy on the road and against good competition. It doesn’t really matter how he does now as long as the team makes the playoffs, but clearly the chemistry isn’t working yet.

What’s taking the Bulls so long? Why don’t they just get with it and fire Vinny Del Negro. The team has lots of talent, but they have just one win in their last ten, they don’t even seem to be trying, and Derrick Rose isn’t nearly making the progress that he should be. Del Negro was a questionable hire to begin with, and he obviously doesn’t have control ofhis team right now, so why not make a change now before the season is lost?

I’m a Canadian, so it’s not my tax money that Congress wastes when they do stupid things. Still, I can’t believe that there isn’t something that Congress could be doing that would be a better use of time than passing legislation about a college football playoff. A House subcommittee has approved legislation that would make it impossible for college football to name a national champion without having a playoff. The bill stands almost no chance of passing, and it all just seems like a total waste of time.

Strange story out of New England today. Randy Moss and three linebackers including Adalius Thomas were late arriving for an 8 am meeting – allegedly because the weather, which is lousy in Boston, caused traffic problems. That seems reasonable enough, but all four players were barred from practice for the rest of the day and sent home. I’m not going to question anything about what Bill Belichick does – he’s the best there is. Still, you have to wonder how the team is going to react to this. It’s the kind of thing that could fester – especially when the team is already struggling.

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