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Can Miami Stand the Heat?

Dwayne Wade is down and out with a shoulder injury, which means that the Miami Heat’s go-to guy become Shaquille O’Neal. Although the Heat are the NBA Champions, they have struggled to get back to the playoffs this year. O’Neal was out earlier in the season, which put a strain on the team. Wade going […]

NCAA Basketball– Jayhawks Vs. Longhorns

Let’s take a look at some important elements in the upcoming showdown between the Texas Longhorns (12-3 Big 12, 22- 7 overall), and the Kansas Jayhawks (13- 2 Big 12, 26- 4 overall), which will be played at Kansas on March 3 at 12 noon.

NCAA Basketball—Big 12’s Top of the Heap

You can say a lot of things about the Big 12, but one of them is not that it’s dull, especially as we get down to the final game of the season. Here are some givens.

2007 Missouri Valley Tournament

Our favorite basketball conferences postseason tournament gets underway today, the MVC tournament championship. In recent years the Missouri Valley Conference has started to achieve some notoriety from the media and general public, but most fans still don’t grasp the brand of basketball the Valley offers. If you are a true basketball fan try to catch […]

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