Ryan Grant was just one of the notable injuries from week 1 in the NFL
Need proof that the NFL is a brutal, brutal league? All you need to do is look at the list of injured players after just one week of action. Players should be fresh and healthy coming into the season, but a lot of players – big names – are already out for a few games, or even the whole season in some cases. Here’s a look at some of the bigger names to go down, and the likely impact that the injuries will have for NFL bettors. The important thing with injuries, of course, is not just to determine what the impact will be, but how that will differ from how the public will perceive the significance of the injuries. The bigger the gap between the real impact and the perceived impact, the more value there potentially is to be had.

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college football lines
A lot of false moves setup a ton of value for wiseguys on the week 2 college football lines
After the second week of the college football season, it’s time to get some perspective on some teams.  Some teams bounced back after a poor opening, while other teams validated their first week results. Yes, they are that bad or that good.  Here is a breakdown of the early line moves. You can get a sense where the confidence lies with each team:  If you dont feel like reading why the numbers are moving you can just visit the college football lines page and get up to date and opening point spreads for all of the games.

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It is going to take Robert Marve a little time, but expect Purdue to have a winning record against the spread when it is all said and done this year
As you would expect there were a lot of college football teams that didn’t look particularly impressive in their season debuts. The public will take note of those performances, and could start to form a negative opinion of the team in general. Once an opinion is formed early it it can be very slow to change – especially if the team stays under the radar the rest of the way through the season. Here’s a look at six teams that started the season weakly, but which should be poised to be better as the season progresses. I’m not suggesting by any means that these teams are going to go on to win their conferences and shock the world. They are just teams that stand a good chance of performing better than the public perception of them as the season progresses and they settle into their games. As you know, if public perception doesn’t match up to actual performance then there is probably value to be had.

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When it comes to looking for teams to get behind as a bettor in college football, there is one type I like most. There are the teams that everyone knows are good, and the ones that are really lousy, but there is only so much opportunity in those. What I really like is the teams that are likely to be solidly better than people expect them to be. The public is very quick to develop expectations for teams, and those expectations aren’t always grounded in truth. If you can spot teams that are better than the public perception of them than you can often find very attractive value. Here are five teams that we pegged as potentially under-appreciated by the public prior to the season and as we head into week 2 of the season it is interesting to note that these teams went 4-1 ATS in week 1.

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Bodog Sportsbook has released a great promo for NFL bettors titled Survive the Season
You dont often see us promote a sportsbook bonus on the blog but with the NFL season starting up on Thursday September 9th with the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints doing battle this promo that Bodog is running is going to be right up NFL bettors alley.  Over the years Bodog has earned a great reputation in the online sportsbook community and we are broad to feature them on our website.  Enough with my blabbing, here is the great offer they sent over to us today for you guys.

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Week 2 Preseason NFL Betting Lines Board
The week 2 nfl preseason odds are now live
The second full week of NFL preseason games is upon us. Sixteen games are slated for play.   Like always, our NFL betting odds page is where you can compare lines from multiple sportsbooks although we have added the opening and current NFL preseason lines for week 2 in a nice formatted table below.

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Stanford Football
No Toby Gerhart, No Problem, the Cardinal are still going to light up the scoreboard this year
Everyone who does college football betting even a little bit knows which high profile offenses are going to be potent. Boise State won’t sneak up on anyone this year, and teams like Texas, Florida, and Ohio State never do. Most people probably know that teams like Houston are going to pile up the points, too. For bettors, knowing about those offenses and what they are capable of isn’t going to provide much of an edge. What is potentially far more powerful, though, is being aware of the potentially potent offenses that aren’t on the public radar. If you know that an offense if far more capable than most people seem to think then you can be in good shape whether you are betting sides or totals on the college football over under line. Here are four teams that have potentially potent offenses this year:

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Week 1 College Football Lines & Odds
Can You Spot Value in the Opening College Football Odds?
We have been saying that the college football season is getting closer every day and that is evident now that 2 online sportsbooks have posted the week 1 college football lines.  Last year the sports books posted the opening lines on August 10th so they are a little ahead of schedule.  This could be bad news for college sports handicappers if the linesmakers are already ahead of the game and willing to post these point spread numbers earlier than last year.  What may be even a bigger shock is that most of these games already have the totals lined.  Without further ado here are the opening and current betting odds for week 1 NCAA football.

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San Francisco 49ers Football
We are going to have a fine season because our team is improved and we play in a weak division, not because of last years strength of schedule
There is a lot of attention paid every year to strength of schedule in the NFL. When the schedule is released lots of articles pop up talking about who has an easy schedule and who has a hard one, and talking heads go wild trying to explain what it all means and who has the edge. It’s talked about in grand and important tones, and given a lot of significance. This year, for example, people are talking about how the Niners and the Chargers could be lifted by schedules which are in the bottom five of the league in terms of difficulty, while the Texans, Bengals and Cowboys could see promising seasons compromised by playing top five difficulty schedules. There’s only one problem with that line of thinking – by itself strength of schedule is virtually a meaningless statistic. That’s especially true for NFL handicappers. Here are five good reasons why strength of schedule is more a distraction than a tool for bettors looking to place winning bets:

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