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2017-18 NBA Bovada Superstar Season Prop Betting: LeBron James, Kevin Durant and James Harden

We have already taken a look at a few point guards and projected how they may fare in the 2017-18 NBA season, but now let us turn our attention to three of the league’s brightest stars (with no disrespect to the more than a handful of names we leave out, in these selections). LeBron James […]

2017-18 NBA Individual Point Guard’s Season Prop Bets at Bovada

While tackling the multitude of individual NBA prop bets at Bovada this year is a sheer impossibility, we have taken the time to uncover a few of the bigger names in the Association, in this case, three point guards. Two of the three join new teams this season, which opens a window for some value […]

2017-18 NBA Scoring Champion: Prop Betting at Bovada

In the era of the super team, it has no longer become a matter of who can score the ball the best, but mostly a matter of whose role will be the largest in a league so focused on scoring, on shooting, that defense has become something of a ghost from the past. The Golden […]

2017-18 NBA Assist Leader: Prop Betting at Bovada

Dropping dimes is a skill typically reserved most for point guards, but in this new era, teams have gone further away from traditional positions, embracing a new style of three-chucking, high-tempo offense, like the NBA has never seen before. Even duly noting that, it is more likely than not that a ‘1’ will lead the […]

NBA Northwest Division 2017-18 Preview; Futures Betting at Bovada

The Northwest Division has five potential 2018 playoff teams. What it does not have is any that could be called true contenders, though perhaps this is becoming an outdated platitude in light of just how dominant the Golden State Warriors really are. That said, this division features some risky over/under betting because teams such as […]

2017-18 NBA Season Preview, Futures Betting: Southwest Division

SOUTHWEST DIVISION PROSPECTUS The Southwest Division is home to five teams all capable of crashing the 2018 playoffs. It has long held five teams that are simply going to be competitive basketball teams. While the Dallas Mavericks and Memphis Grizzlies are both in a state of franchise decline, neither can be written off as locks […]

2017-18 NBA Previews, Futures Odds: Pacific Division

The Pacific Division hosts the league’s reigning champion Golden State Warriors, and beyond that? Not a lot else. Golden State is joined by four teams all in various stages of a rebuild, with the best of those clubs being a now Chris Paul-less Clippers club. While the Clippers are certainly intriguing, contenders they are not, […]

2017-18 NBA Previews, Futures Betting: Southeast Division

Southeast Division Prospectus The Southeast Division does not feature any contenders. Instead, it is home to several teams on the decline and a couple rebuilding projects that simply have not panned out. The best team in the division, The Washington Wizards, have more nagging questions regarding its legitimacy than reasons to be excited it could […]

2017-18 NBA Season Previews, Props: Central Division Prospectus

2017-18 Central Division Preview Our Central Division Prospectus highlights some unique rebuilds and the reigning Eastern Conference Champion Cleveland Cavaliers. Mostly, however, it seems that this preview highlights some of the dismal situations in the Eastern Conference. From a team whose fate hinges on the ACL of its second-best player, to a No. 8 seed […]

NBA Basketball: 2017-18 Atlantic Division Preview; Bovada’s Season Prop Bets

Atlantic Division Preview: Season Wins Edition Let us take a look at the five teams in the Atlantic Division and gauge their prospects for season projections on win totals. The Atlantic Division is an intriguing one, in the sense that three of its team should experience vast improvements upon last season. Which are they? […]

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