One of the biggest mistakes baseball bettors – and especially those who only play the sport casually – make is to only pay attention to the pitchers with names and reputations that they know when baseball betting. Sometimes starting pitchers with names don’t perform up to those names. More significantly, there are a lot of pitchers out there that casual fans have never heard of who are providing serious boosts to the wallets of fans. Here’s a look at eight guys who aren’t exactly household names, but who should be based on the profits they have been producing this year:

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Needless to say, not all rotations in baseball are created equal. Some teams have five starting pitchers who are trustworthy and reliable to bettors, while others barely have one or two. You obviously need to handicap each pitcher separately – as opposed to betting on a team based on the strength or weakness of their rotation – but looking at the comparative strengths of the rotations from a betting perspective is still a useful and entertaining exercise. Here are my top four rotations in order:

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As a baseball bettor there is one thing I dream about – a pitcher who is consistently better than the public realizes he is. Thankfully, that’s not that hard to find. There are so many pitchers in the league that’s it hard for all but the most devoted followers of the sport to keep track of them all, and many good ones can fall through the cracks. Here’s a look at five guys who have been kind to observantbettors so far this year:

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