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Here are all of the sports portals that link with Maddux Sports.  Each sports website is listed with a description of their website and what these sports portals have to offer.

Atlanta Hoops - We offer a large selection of Basketball Goals and Basketball Accessories. We have the best prices on in-ground basketball goals, portable basketball goals, and wall mounted basketball goals for residents and institutions.

Barkers Pools - Join our NFL & college football pools and win cash!

Baseball Cards - HotListRookies.com offers quality rookie baseball cards, vintage and Hall of Fame cards, certified autograph cards, factory sealed sets, and game used memorabilia.

Baseball Corner - Shop for the latest bats, gloves and equipment.

College Football Resource - One of Maddux's favorite websites for college football info. A Prominent college football blog and home of the most comprehensive collection of college football links and blogs.

D1 College Basketball - The ultimate college basketball portal. You can find all the products and information for D1 college basketball teams.

D1 College Football - The ultimate college football portal. Includes products and information for Division 1 college football teams.

Draft Daddy - DraftDaddy.com is the one stop for all your NFL draft info.

Extreme Pro Sports - Website featuring boxing, kick boxing, snow boarding, Ultimate Fighting, wake boarding, Motocross / ATV. Contains News, events, photos and top gear. Looking for a new hobby, check out extreme pro sports!

Football.com - The ultimate portal for anything and everything to do with FOOTBALL!

Free tournament bracket contest - March Madnet is entering its ninth season, making us one of the longest-running Internet tournament pools. We have had as many as 25,000 rabid college basketball fans play our contest.

Homeruncards.com Baseball Cards - The website to visit when
collecting MLB baseball cards of your favorite players.

Highly Collectable Sports Merchandise for Fans - Licensed NFL & NCAA football helmets, MLB batting helmets and NHL, NBA & NASCAR collectible merchandise.

Inside Football - For the BEST Informed Giants fan.

Modern Era Baseball - Home of Joe Connor's useful ballpark guides to planning a trip to Spring Training, World Baseball Classic and more.

NFL News Rack - Offers news, information, and resources collecting by fans for all of the national football leagues teams.

Office Pool Manager - Castle64.com lets you run a football pool. The games and point spreads are all entered for you! The players enter their own picks.

Roll Bowl Football - The worlds greatest dice rolling football game!

Sports Central - Cutting-edge sports commentary that goes beyond with the scores.

SportsPool.com - NFL Football, PGA Golf, and Nascar Sports Pools - A chance to match your skill against your friends. Guess who will win. Great fun, come check us out!

The Racing Guild - Affordable racehorse ownership.

Other related categories fantasy sports, and fan sites. If you have a quality site and want to see it listed here visit the main links page to email us and have your link added.

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