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For those of you who like to bet parlays you can use this parlay calculator to figure our your net return on the parlay odds. This calculator will work for any sport that uses a point spread of money line. You can use this tool for parlays up to 6 teams!




Bet ($) 
Winnings ($):


If you are betting teams on the point spread (basketball & football parlays), just use the vigorish/juice you are being offered. Standard juice is -110.

For example if you wanted to know what a $100 2 team parlay bet on the Eagles -3 -110 and the Bears +7 -110 would pay, you would type in -110 in the lines column for team 1 and team 2. Type 100 in the Bet $ and hit calculate parlay. If you are doing it correctly the winnings should come out to $264 and some change.


Enter the moneyline of your plays into the lines column. Favorites must have a minus in front of line, such as -120, -200, etc.

If you are playing an underdogs, just enter the price, such as 160.

Don't enter anything into factor boxes. That is the math portion that the calculator figures out on its own.

Enter the dollar amount of your bet in Bet ($) box

Click, calculate parlay to display the net win amount.  The net is the total amount returned for a winning bet, which is the actual bet amount plus winnings.

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