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Track and Field Betting Tips

Betting on the Olympics can be a highly enjoyable and nice profitable affair. When you are hanndicapping the Olympics, track and field is one event that is worth focusing on. For a number of reasons – it’s true to form, the high profile attracts a lot of clueless public money, oddsmakers aren’t typically used to setting lines on the sport, and so on – it is an attractive betting opportunity. If you are looking to cash in on those who […]

Tips For Betting Olympic Road Cycling

When it comes to events to bet on during the Summer Olympics few are any more attractive than the men’s road cycling. The sport is predictable enough to give handicappers a chance, but wide open enough to provide good prices. The participants are largely well known, and we have plenty of opportunities to see what they are capable doing. The course makes a big impact, but it does so in ways that are often predictable. In short, it’s an ideal […]

Tips For Betting Olympic Field Hockey

Field Hockey isn’t a sport most North Americans spend much time thinking about or betting on. If it is played at all in North American schools it is typically a sport for girls while boys play football or rugby. On the world stage, though, field hockey is a very competitive and wildly popular sport for men and for women. That popularity offers real opportunities for betting success for those handicappers who are willing to do their homework and get to […]

Tips for Betting Olympic Boxing

Olympic boxing is a great sport to watch, and a great sport to bet on. The tournament format is very different from what we typically see in boxing, and it can create some great betting opportunities. For those looking to maximize their profit from betting on the Olympic boxing tournament here are seven factors to consider: What fighters are experienced? – As a boxing handicapper you have to consider that the Olympic tournament is extremely high pressured. Fighters face several […]

Reasons To Bet on the Olympics

The Olympics roll around every two years and smart sports bettors know there’s great opportunity in the event. For most people they are an excuse to spend far too much time on the couch watching TV, caring intensely about sports you know nothing about and only watch every four years. For bettors who are willing to do a little homework, the Olympics can also be a great time to make some serious profits relatively easily. Here are five big reasons […]

Olympic Swimming Betting Tutorial

Chances are pretty good that you probably don’t bet on swimming that often. During the Summer Olympics, though, swimming is actually a pretty good sport to bet on. The results often follow form, you can easily do a lot of research about the swimmers, and prices can be attractive. In order to maximize your success in Olympic swimming betting here are six factors for handicappers to seriously consider: Don’t rely on reputations – There are some swimmers that are as […]

How To Win Betting Olympic Soccer

European Championships are about as exciting as any sporting event can be – both as a fan and a bettor. The Olympic soccer tournament intentionally doesn’t compete with those events, and is far less entertaining or prestigious as a result. Like baseball when it was an Olympic sport, the soccer on display in the Olympics is a far cry from the best of the international events, but there are still opportunities for success. Here are six tips to help Olympic […]

How To Bet On Olympic Volleyball

Olympic beach volleyball may get more of the attention and the advertising dollars during the games these days, but from a sports betting perspective the traditional indoor variety of volleyball is typically more attractive. It’s often more predictable and more reliable to handicap, and opportunities for profit are more frequent. When you are looking to cash in betting on indoor volleyball at the Olympics here are seven factors for bettors to consider: What rules have changed? – Volleyball always seems […]

How To Bet Olympic Water Polo

Water Polo, which is an Olympic event, is not a sport that most North American sports bettors know much about – or really care to do so. In some parts of the world, though, it is a very big deal. During the Olympics it is also a pretty good opportunity for bettors to make a profit. It is played in a tournament format, information about teams is relatively easy to find, increasing popularity means increasing betting volume, and there is […]

Finding Success in Olympic Tennis Betting

Betting on tennis in the Olympics is different than betting on other sports. Tennis is a very popular betting sport essentially year round, and the Olympics fall right in the middle of the busiest and most popular part of the schedule. That means that there are more bettors who will be interested in tennis than many Olympic sports, and more informed bettors as well. You can do very well betting on Olympic tennis if you have a strong plan for […]

Differences Between Olympic Basketball and NBA

Men’s basketball at the Summer Olympics is always among the most popular events for sports bettors – especially when the American team is playing. People who regularly bet the NBA are going to be drawn to betting on the Olympics as well. While many of the fundamentals are the same between the NBA and the Olympics, bettors have to make some real adjustments in order to maximize their chances of success. Here’s a look at six differences between the NBA […]

Biggest Mistakes Bettors Make Betting the Olympics

I love betting on the Olympics. It’s exciting, and it can be very profitable. If you aren’t prepared, though, it can be very easy to make costly mistakes that will erode your bankroll and really take away the fun of the event. Here are five big Olympic betting mistakes bettors need to avoid: Blinded by national pride – It is great fun to cheer for your national heroes at the Olympics, and to watch as your country climbs up the […]

Best Summer Olympic Betting Opportunities

Betting on the Summer Olympics can be very exciting and potentially lucrative. Needless to say, there are some sports that are better to bet on than others. Before you head to your online sportsbook to place your bets, here are six sports that are particularly attractive for Olympic bettors. Some will be obvious, and others could be a surprise: Basketball – This is the sport at the summer Olympics that is likely the most comfortable for most North American bettors […]