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UFL – Overlooked Football Betting Opportunity

The United Football League barely registers on the national sports consciousness. It seems like we don’t need another football league, and certainly not one that features mostly NFL castoffs and has-beens. I understand why fans aren’t flocking to the league in major numbers. For bettors, though, the league provides some real opportunities and potential. I wouldn’t ever suggest that a minor league like the UFL should be a major component of a betting strategy. For sports bettors who are already […]

How Best to Use Moneyline for Football Betting

When most people think about betting sides in football their thought process starts and ends with the point spread. That’s unquestionably the most common and popular way to bet on the winner of a football team, but it’s not the only way. The moneyline is thought by many people to be just the way to bet on baseball, hockey, and tennis, but there is a moneyline set for every NFL game and most college games. I would never suggest that […]

Differences of NFL & College Football Betting

When asked, a lot of sports bettors would identify themselves simply as football bettors. They may prefer college football to the NFL or vice versa, but they are probably just as likely to have some action on Saturday as on Sunday or Monday. For most people, especially casual bettors, that makes sense – more action is better after all. Really, betting on both college football and the NFL makes sense for anyone as long as they keep in mind the […]

Offensive Line’s Influence on Football Handicapping

Football handicappers have a strange attitude toward offensive lines. That is to say that they often ignore them entirely. The quarterbacks and running backs get lots of attention, but those big guys who make it all happen up front don’t draw nearly as many headlines. There are a couple of big reasons for that – offensive lines don’t have stats for people to grab on to, and most casual fans don’t really understand what the offensive line really does and […]

Magically Predict Football Line Moves

Betting on football is unique when compared to the other major North American sports in a lot of ways. Perhaps the most significant is the amount of time that lines are available to be bet before the games are played. In baseball, basketball and hockey lines are typically available the night before the games are played – and sometimes not until the morning of the games. In the NFL the lines for most games on a Sunday afternoon are set […]

Managing Saturday & Sunday Football Bets

One of the biggest challenges for football bettors is the volume of NFL and college games they have to deal with on Saturdays and Sundays during the regular season if they bet on both. On a busy weekend there are more than 50 football games on Saturday and 16 on Sunday. That’s far more games than even the most impressive sports handicapper can properly deal with. People are always tempted to do too much and handicap too many games. That can […]

Worrisome Weather and Football Handicapping

Weather is a factor in the outcome of both NFL and college football games, and something that a lot of sports handicappers like to consider before making a decision. Everyone knows that. Though a lot of football bettors know that weather is a factor, I suspect that fewer spend any time actually thinking about what impact that weather might have and how to deal with it. Let’s look at the basic impact of different kinds of weather, and then look at […]

Making The Most of In Game Football Betting

A lot of football bettors think that their job is done once the game kicks off. There are a lot of cases, though, where the best sports betting opportunities might exist after the game has already begun. There is an increasing number of in-game betting options offered by online sportsbooks, and in some circumstances these can be very attractive. Many bettors are familiar with the half time bets that have been available for a long time, and are even available […]

Key Numbers for Betting on Football Games

Key numbers – that’s one of those concepts that most sports bettors have heard of, but fewer understand what they are and why it is important. Key numbers are an important part of NFL and college football handicapping, and if you don’t ‘get’ them then you are working at a disadvantage. Let’s make sure we all understand them, shall we? Key numbers in football deal with the margin between the number of points the winning team in a game scores and […]

When to Use Live In-Game Football Betting

One of the fastest growing segments of sports betting is live in-game betting. Technology has made this popular, and bettors, including football bettors, are embracing it more all the time. Basically, sports books offer a wide range of props based on the outcome of the next play in a game, or the next series of plays. You can make the bet and just minutes later the action is resolved, you have your profits, and you can make another bet. Because we […]

Scouting Out Potential Football Blowout Bets

I like adrenaline as much as the next guy – a good rush is almost always a good thing. If I’m in need of an adrenaline fix, though, I’d rather going skiing or watch a scary movie or something. What I don’t want to do is to get a boost of adrenaline from sweating out the close final seconds of a NFL or college football game that I have bet on to see if I am going to get the win […]

How to Handicap Football Special Teams

When it comes to handicapping football special teams certainly don’t get the same amount of attention from most bettors that offense or defense do. There’s a simple explanation for that – special teams just aren’t sexy. The best players don’t play special teams, and most fans just don’t really care about them – unless someone is breaking a big return for a touchdown. Smart sports bettors know, though, that spending some time looking at special teams can turn into profits […]

Fundamentals for Betting Football Totals

Totals don’t get nearly as much attention from casual football bettors as point spreads, but they should. When football bettors approach them properly totals are at least as profitable as points spreads – and probably more so if you are choosy. It can be very easy to lose a pile of cash if you don’t play totals intelligently, though – and it’s easy to make bad decisions if you aren’t careful. Here are five fundamentals to keep in mind whether you […]

Wrestling with Betting on Football Underdogs

I love betting football underdogs. If I am betting them on the moneyline then I love it because of the satisfaction of making better than even money on a bet – often much better. If it’s against the spread then there is the joy of spotting something that the betting public didn’t – since the public is almost always on the favorite. Underdog betting on football is not only a nice road to profit, but it’s an excellent metal exercise – […]

How to Handicap Hyped Football Teams

We’re at the time of year in both college football and the NFL where hype is out of control surrounding some teams. Football teams that have gotten out to hot starts – whether expected or not – can do no wrong in the eyes of the media and the betting public. As you know if you have spent any time at all watching sports, though, not all teams live up to their early season hype. Some don’t live up to it […]

Bettors Tips for Betting Football Totals

When it comes to betting on football, betting the point spread is by far the most common. A distant second would be betting the total. Totals aren’t attractive to more casual football bettors as sides because people like to think about games in terms of winners and losers. In many cases, though, totals can present more opportunities for value than sides can. If you are a bettor willing to do a bit of homework and experimentation then you should really check  […]

Inside Scoop on Betting Futures for Football Bettors

At this time of year bettors have their pockets full of money and are just dying for the football season to start. In an attempt to get their hands on as much of that money as they can the sportsbooks offer an increasingly diverse range of season long futures and prop bets on both the NFL and college sports. You can bet on not only who is going to win the Super Bowl of the BCS Championship, but also which […]

Good & Bad on Betting Season Win Totals

Since we are getting close to the start of both the NFL and college football seasons season win totals are widely available at sports books, and they are promoted with increased aggressiveness each year. They are an intriguing bet for people to consider. Occasionally they even make sense to be. As a sports handicapper as you consider whether to make season win totals bets this year, here are some things you’ll want to do, and others you will certainly want to […]

How to Adjust Bets Between College & NFL Games

Bettors who love football are often drawn to betting on both college football and the NFL. While the fundamentals of the two sports are similar – they are both football after all, and they both feature many of the same rules – there are some key differences between betting on Saturdays and betting on Sundays that you really need to be aware of if you want to succeed at both. Here are seven big differences between betting on college football and […]

Impact of Defensive Line on Handicapping Games

Casual football bettors get seduced by mostly by offense – big passes and flashy runs. They don’t spend nearly as much time thinking about defense, and when they do they typically focus on the highlight reel plays – the big sacks and the impressive interceptions. When the defensive linemen aren’t getting those sacks they don’t get a lot of attention from casual bettors – in large part because people don’t understand a lot of what they do and stats aren’t […]

Revisiting Football Teams Not Meeting Expectations

One of the most frustrating things about the early season in both college football and the pros is when a team fails to meet expectations in their first game. We spend a lot of time over the spring and summer deciding what to expect from a team, so when they don’t look anything like we thought we have to go back to the drawing board. It’s frustrating when a team we thought was good tanks, but it’s just as frustrating […]

How Does Football Betting Work – Learn the Basics

Football betting is by far the most popular form of sports betting by far.  Most professional gamblers only bet for 5 months out of the year because of this.  When you include College and NFL together there are almost a hundred games to bet on during a 2-day span. This is what is so appealing to the professional gambler; the action packed two days that comes every fall for five months.  The gambler has so much to watch in a […]

How Do Football Squares Work – Football Pools

The most common football pool is the standard 100 square football pool.  At almost every Super Bowl party you have ever been to you might have seen this 10 x 10 betting sheet and wondered what it is. There’s nothing like a friendly little game to liven up the party during the Super Bowl. This pool is built around a simple chart calls for no skill or previous knowledge of how to bet the spread or of the game of […]