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Adjustments Between NBA & College Basketball

In a lot of ways college basketball and the NBA are the same thing – they are both basketball, the basic rules are the same, and most of the players in the NBA come form college. From a betting perspective, though, the difference between the two types of basketball are massive. In a lot of ways it’s as if they are two different sports form a betting perspective. Bettors who think that they can take what works in the NBA […]

How Betting NBA & CBB Basketball Totals Differ

Casual sports bettors will often make the mistake of thinking that betting on basketball is betting on basketball – regardless of whether it is college basketball or the NBA. After all, in both sports you have to put a ball through a net after dribbling it on some hardwood. Those with a bit more sophistication, though, know that betting on the two sports is so different that’s it’s almost as if they are different sports. One area where the differences […]

Issues With Betting On NCAA Player Props

A lot of basketball bettors are attracted to NBA player props – the ability to bet on the individual statistics of key players in games, or how they will match up against other stars. Those bets aren’t always a good idea, but if you are selective in the spots you pick then you can find some very nice value. Those same types of props are also available in the NCAA on the bigger games on most days, but they are […]

Rebound Margin Influence on Basketball Picks

I’m not a hardcore stats geek. I find Sabermetrics and the like interesting, but I don’t devote my life to it. That being said, there is one statistic that absolutely drives me out of my mind – rebound margin. That’s one of the stats that is very frequently talked about when people are handicapping basketball and trying to sound smart. It is also an incredibly stupid statistic that doesn’t paint an accurate picture of what a team is actually capable […]

Making The Most of Basketball Halftime Betting

Betting basketball games at halftime is an intriguing and increasingly popular way to get some action. If you aren’t familiar with halftime betting the name pretty much tells you everything you need to know – sportsbooks set a new line and total for the second half of games at halftime. The line is only available from a couple of minutes after the first half ends to right before the second half starts, so your window is small. You don’t have […]

Key Numbers For Basketball Betting

When you are handicapping football – whether college or the NBA – key numbers are an important concept to understand. A quick refresher if the details are murky: In football games there are some numbers that are a more frequent gap between the points the winner scores in a game and the points the loser scores. The most frequent of these gaps is three points. That’s because games are frequently tied until late in the fourth quarter, and are therefore […]