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A Bit Of This, A Bit Of That

I keep an eye on what’s going on in spring training, but I don’t have much desire to watch any of the games unless I happen to be in Arizona and I’m in the ballpark with a beer in my hand. I do wish, though, that I could have seen some of the Yankees’ game […]

Desperate Coaching Hires

There were a couple of bizarre, unconventional hires in college basketball today – both signs of what teams will do when they are desperate. First, UTEP. After Tony Barbee left to coach Auburn after a very good season, the team had a chance to hire someone who could continue on the momentum they had build […]

Monday Notes

The draft picture got much clearer today – at least at the top. Sam Bradford had his pro day in Oklahoma and he was, by all  college football handicappers accounts, brilliant. His throwing was crisp and accurate, there were no issues with distance, and he didn’t have any real flaws. The shoulder was a concern […]

Sunday Basketball and Bad Behavior

A couple of solid if not overwhelming games to finish the path to the Final Four today. Michigan State squeaked out a close one, though for much of the game they looked like the better team – though not by much. The edge here, if you want to oversimplify things, came down to coaching. By […]

Strange Basketball Days

It has been a strange, surprising, and at times frustrating couple of days of basketball. As they were played: 1. As I said yesterday, I didn’t see this Tennessee win coming. It’s  not that I had counted out Tennessee or didn’t like anything in particular coming. It’s just that I couldn’t find a single reason […]

Four Thoughts About Tonight’s Sweet Sixteen Games

1. The adoration of Northern Iowa makes me uneasy. I get all the reasons we are supposed to count out the Spartans – inconsistency, the Kalin Lucas injury, and so on. I also get why Northern Iowa is worthy of praise – woefully under-seeded, stunning upset of best team in the tournament, and so on. […]

Instant Classic

What a freaking game!!! That’s why college basketball is such an incredibly great sport. I’m crushed that Xavier, I team I couldn’t respect more, lost that game, but it’s easier to deal with given that the game was an instant classic. That was seriously as good as basketball can be. Jordan Crawford is such an […]

Scrambling in Edmonton, and Whining in the NFL

Great, great story out of, of all places, Edmonton last night. The Oilers’ starting goalie is out of action. Yesterday morning their second string goalie fell sick and had to be quarantined. That left them with just one goalie on the roster. A team can’t play without two, and they had a game last night. […]

Big Z and Bad D

This whole Zydrunas Ilgauskas situation, now that it has officially come to pass, make me want to shower. It’s slimy. Just one day after he became eligible to rejoin the Cavs he has a new deal in place for the rest of the year. He joins Antawn Jamison – the guy that he was traded […]

Monday Non-Tournament Notes

We’ll talk about the tournament lots more this week of course, but for now we’ll use the break in the action as an excuse to look elsewhere to see what’s been going on: I was very intrigued by the comments coming from Mike Tomlin that he is worried about Ben Roethlisberger – both personally and […]

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