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NFL playoff difference makers

If you’re looking for something or someone that might tip the scale this week in the playoffs, I’ve got a few ideas. Matt Leinart: Remember him? He was supposed to start for the Arizona Cardinals at quarterback this season but a funny thing happened on the way to his being named the first-string QB. Leinart […]

Non-pigskin sports that are hot this month

So, the question is, “How much football can you watch?” The answer is, “A lot.” But if the gridiron scene is starting get a bit old like this week’s Christmas turkey leftovers, here are a few events that are certainly worth a look if not a watch. 1)    The NHL will play its annual Winter […]

My New Year’s Resolutions

As we stand here on the brink of a whole new year, I thought that I would do what we are all supposed to do at this time of year and make some resolutions. Don;t worry – I won’t talk about going to the gym or spending more time with my wife. We’ll just focus […]

Year in Review – Part II

Time for the second half of the year in review. This time we go from the summer to the end of the year, looking back at five more events that I won’t soon forget: Cliff Lee’s emergence – If I could be one thing in sports it would be a starting pitcher. That means that […]

Year In Review – Part I

As the year draws to a close, I wanted to take a look back at the last year in sports and sports betting. Instead of just doing a general look back at the things you’ll be able to read everywhere, though, I wanted tolook back at the things that mattered to me over the year. […]

Sunday Night NFL Quick Hits

Brett Favre should retire tomorrow. Actually, he should have retired a year ago, but it’s too late for that. He was pathetic today. Not at all good. His coach should retire, too. The Browns didn’t waste any time. GM Phil Savage is out the door already, and coach Romeo Crennel is rumored to be right […]

Keys to New York Giants repeat

Giants’ head coach Tom Coughlin seems to have figured it out—how to win. Run the ball as much as possible while asking quarterback Eli Manning to do enough but not too much to win. If winning in the NFL is about balance, then Coughlin may very well be a high wire walker and a successful […]

If not the Celtics then who

The Boston Celtics have lost two straight (sort of like the bar if Ivory Soap sinking to the bottom of the tub—that never happens with Ivory. It always floats). And, apparently, the Celtics are not supposed to lose two in a row. But they have and folks are proclaiming that they have “run out of […]

UFC 92 Preview

We are, of course, still in the midst of the holiday season. Nothing says holiday more than mostly naked men beating the hell out of each other, so it is a perfect time to have another UFC event. UFC 92 is no normal event. either. Some of the recent events have been decidedly short of […]

Post-Christmas Notes

The Lakers convincing win over the Celtics to end Boston’s 19 game winning streak was the highlight of the Christmas basketball action, but there was more to take note of as well. San Antonio’s last second win over the Suns was further proof that San Antonio’s bad start was just a blip on their path […]

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