Bears Win or Saints Win?

Here are some important keys to look for.


1) Bears’ QB Rex Grossman: Overall, Grossman played well against the Seahawks in last week’s playoff game. He needs to be fearless and make good decisions. He broke down during the season and started making mistake after mistake. He must keep his form from last week.

2) Bears’ Run Defense: Can the Bears’ keep McAllister and Bush to under 100 yards? If they can, they can beat the Saints.

3) Bears’ TOP: Time of possession will be essential if the Bears’ expect to win. They must dominate in this area. If Brees and company control TOP they can’t help but score a truckload of points and the Bears will never catch up.

4) Turnovers: The home team Bears need 10- 14 points on turnovers. Not only do they gain points if they do this but it means they have also taken points away from the Saints.


1) Drew Brees: Don’t let the voracious crowd and the deafening noise throw you. This will be a tough crowd. Keep with what got you here– a combo of passing and running and your great field management skills.

2) Running: If the Saints can run successfully, it’s all over. They will control this game and win.

3) Adapting to the Great Outdoors: The game is not just outside, it’s supposed to be in some nasty, nasty, nasty weather. They must hold onto the ball with both hands, keep warm and loose enough to make catches and be ready to make some changes on the fly.

4) Touchdowns and not Field Goals: You don’t want to get into a field goal war with the Bears’ kicker Robbie Gould; he’s one of the best in the NFL in one of the worst stadiums to kick. If both teams try four field goals, Gould will probably make 3 or 4, while the Saints PK will, according to stats, hit only 2. Saints lose!

A close game is won by the Bears. A blow out means that the Saints are going to the Super Bowl for the first time ever!

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