BCS – The Aftermath

It’s all over. The last game wasn’t exactly a classic, but it was interesting. Here’s what I took from the game:

1. Anyone associated with the Oklahoma program is going to be haunted for their entire lives by those two red zone failures. It’s bad enough that it happens once, but twice in one game is totally unacceptable.

2. Bradford wasn’t at his best, but he also can’t exactly be thrilled with his receivers. Both of the interceptions he threw were in the receivers’ hands before they wound up in the oppositions’. There almost needs to be two statistical categories – one for interceptions that are totally the fault of the QB, and one for interceptions with extenuating circumstances. It would be subjective, but ultimately it would be more meaningful.

3. I fully underestimated the Florida defense. I knew they were good, obviously, but I was impressed by the extent to which they were able to shut down an impressive offense. I was especially impressed by the halftime adjustments – Oklahoma ran at will in the first half, but couldn’t really do anything in the second half.

4. Tebow threw two bad interceptions, but beyond that he was very impressive. The jump pass was an especially nice touch. He looked much more like the Heisman winner this time.

5. Percy Harvin. Wow. I haven’t been giving him much credit. I’ve thought of him as gimmicky. That’s the same way I felt about DeSean Jackson, and he has turned into a surprisingly good pro. That’s a bias I need to get rid of.

6. The Oklahoma offensive line was probably the biggest disappointment of all. They had a massive edge, and they did nothing to exploit. Actually, they were exploited.

7. I had fully discounted Bob Stoops’ problems in big games, but it has happened consistently enough now that you have to wonder, don’t you?

8. If I was Sam Bradford I would go pro without a second thought.

9. I am sick and tired of the argument that Utah should be number one. They were amazing and all, but we have a system, and the system didn’t exactly deliver a dud at the top. Utah at number two is far from an injustice.

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