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Hey there. There’s a new voice in town on this blog, and I want to thank the guys here at Maddux Sports for having me. My name is T.O. Whenham, and I am obsessed with sports betting. I write about it for a living – you can check out some of my work if you Google my name. I’ll be providing content pretty much every day here from now on.

I’ll talk or write about any sport, and I like most sports and love a good portion of them, but if I had to pick four favorites they would be college football and basketball, baseball, and horse racing. I live in Calgary, home of the Flames, but I’m not a huge NHL fan anymore. Yes, that makes me a bad Canadian.

To get started, here are ten things about me as a sports bettor and fan you might want to keep in mind as you read my stuff:

1. I am obsessed with Michigan. I have no ability to be objective about them whatsoever, and anything I say about them should be taken with a giant grain of salt.

2. I wish I could bet longshots, but I can’t. I respect people who can profit from playing big moneylines in baseball or football, but I’m not cut out for it. When you bet that way long losing streaks are going to be the norm. I have a hard enough time dealing with an occasional losing streak, so I don’t want to choose to do something in which those streaks will be common.

3. I love in-game bets. My favorite single type of bet is the college basketball halftime line. I also like second half bets for football, and later action in the NBA. I am a big fan of the idea that you can make a bet after you have already seen how the teams are going to play. It seems like cheating.

4. Value is my favorite word. That’s pretty much self-explanatory. If there isn’t a good deal of value in a bet I’m just not interested. Everything I write is focused on that one concept.

5. I hate the Mannings. Both of them. All five of them, really. Even Cooper. It’s beyond being rational and I know it. I hate them so much that I automatically hate any pro player that comes from Tennessee or Ole Miss. I kinda like Bruce Pearl, and that’s killing me.

6. Nolan Ryan is the greatest player to ever put on a uniform. In any sport. Period. Due to that belief, I am a sucker for any guy with a nasty fast ball.

7. I am unapologetically bullish on the Mariners. For a long time the Mariners’ AAA team, the Cannons, was in Calgary. I got to watch some amazing talent come up – A-Rod, Edgar Martinez, Danny Tartabull, even Griffey once on a conditioning stint. The Cannons were usually good, so I was always optimistic about the future for Seattle. The team is in Albuquerque now, but my optimism hasn’t faded. Last year my bullishness paid off handsomely. I think it will again this year. This is a playoff team. That’s not the last time you’ll hear that from me.

8. I write about the UFC quite a bit, and I like it, but I think that boxing is a better sport. It would be doing way better than MMA if it wasn’t such a ridiculous mess. UFC is run extremely well, and Don King and his buddies have the keys to boxing, so it’s hardly a fair fight.

9. Of course I’m a Steve Nash fan. I’m Canadian – it’s a condition of citizenship.

10. Ohio State sucks.

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