Tuesday Notes

Richard Seymour is supposedly AWOL after having been traded from New England to the Raiders. I can hardly guess why a guy would be unhappy abut that trade after having spent his whole career in New England. He’ll show up eventually because he has no good options otherwise, but it might take him a while to come to terms with the kick in the teeth that that trade was.

The good news is that Sam Bradford doesn’t need surgery. The bad news is that he will be out for two to four weeks. That bleak news for Oklahoma, a team that is already reeling after their opening loss. I don’t know too much aboutredshirt freshman Landry Jones, but I’m pretty sure that he’s no Bradford, and even with Bradford this offense wasn’t going to be nearly as good as it has been. If Oklahoma were a stock I’d be selling it.

Matt Stafford is officially the guy in Detroit. I would have leaned towards playing Culpepper for a while so Stafford could get comfortable at his own pace – even if Culpepper wasn’t completely healthy – but it’s not like this team is going to be wildly relevant anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. I’m only somewhat optimistic about Stafford’s long term chances – a combination of him being a junior, him playing for Detroit, and what he did in Georgia make me a bit worried, but what do I know.

What an absolutely incredible college game that just ended. Miami beat Florida State 38-34, and it couldn’t have been closer. The Seminoles had afirst down on Miami’s two yard line in the dying seconds, but Christian Ponder was unimpressive under pressure and couldn’t get them in for the winning score. It was good to see a truly great game betweenrivals in the state of Florida. Those used to be all but guaranteed, but they have been more hit and miss lately – mostly miss. I’m happy for Miami. They are a team I like a lot, but their early schedule is absolutely brutal. This will be a big confidence boost. It also has to make fans of the Hurricanes and their administration happy to see thatJacory Harris looked good because he’s all but their only option now at QB. He threw two picks, but he piled up the yards and came through when he needed to.

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