Wednesday NFL Notes

I find it strange that Brett Favre has come out before the season even starts and hedged expectations. In an interview he has said that he isn’t certain that he is physically up for 16 games this year. Weall know that, of course, and he said the same thing when he initially decided not to come back, but it seems odd for him to acknowledge it now – not exactly a way to inspire confidence with his new team. As much as I hate to give him the attention he craves, it will be fascinating to watch what he can do this year. It will be especially interesting to see what  he has in the tank for the remaining games after the team has played Green Bay twice. I’m pessimistic about this experiment, but cautiously so.

Chad Ochocinco says he has found a loophole in the NFL’s anti- social media policy that will allow him to tweet during his first game on Sunday. He’s a free preview of Monday’s headlines – Chad Ochocinco suspended for flaunting social media regulations. You gotta love the guy for always finding a way to stay in the news.

The Broncos and Brandon Marshall are reportedly working on a new contract. Incredible. On one hand you can’t argue that the team would be much better with a healthy, happy Marshall than without him, and his contract isn’t necessarily in line with what top receivers in the league. On the other hand, though, Marshall succeeding withhis antics and getting exactly what he wanted would be the saddest, most pathetic development I can think of.

It seems as if the Browns have a starting quarterback – Brady Quinn. Coach Eric Mangini hasn’t made it public yet, but that’s the word leaking out. I can’t for the life of me think of a single reason why it makes sense forMangini to have delayed his decision like he has. It undermines the confidence of the player, it takes away time for the team to get ready to play for the QB, and it makes him look like a buffoon to the rest of the league and the media. Looking like a buffoon is something Mangini excels at, though. On another note – I predict that Anderson starts a game in the first six weeks of the season.

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