Random NFL Notes – Cuts Edition

I really don’t understand why Jeff Garcia has so much trouble sticking with a team. When he plays he wins – as simple as that. He’ll land somewhere and he’ll do well when there. As ridiculous as it was seeing him get cut I’m sure he couldn’t be anything other than thrilled to get away from the circus in Oakland. Especially if he can land somewhere like New England.

Speaking of those two teams, very strange to see the Pats trade Richard Seymour to Oakland. I’m not doubting that it makes sense if New England did it – that’s a team that can be trusted in whatever they do – but I was shocked to see that Seymour didn’t fit into the plans anymore – he’s only 29 and he had a good year last year. Worth watching.

Josh McCown should be very relieved to get out of Tampa Bay. He’s been there too long and wasn’t making any progress there. He should feel liberated to be in new surroundings and to be seen differently by a team than he has in Tampa. Jacksonville’s a good place for him, too – it’s not hard to imagine that he could see the field there.

Tom Brandstater stuck around as the third string QB in Denver. At least. Talk about a possible rocket rise to prominence – If Kyle Orton and Chris Simms aren’t ready by this week then the guy could go from Fresno State last year to starting opening day this year. Unlikely. Also likely unsuccessful.

The Lions never fail to mystify. I’d heard all summer that Shaun Smith was going to be starting at defensive tackle. He’s no superstar, but I thought he was going to fit nicely. So the Lions did the logical thing – they cut him. I’m give them the littlest benefit of the doubt, but I can’t help but think that this team seems determined not to win.

I was disappointed to see that the Redskins placed Colt Brennan on injured reserve. There goes this season. Call me sentimental, but I believe that Brennan has what it takes to be a starter in this league. It seems like it won’t be in Washington, but I hope that he gets his chance eventually.

The Bills overpaid Dominic Rhodes to land him in the offseason and then they cut him. I’m not at all convinced that Dick Jauron has a plan up there these days.

I was shocked and disappointed to see that Brian Brohm got cut in Green Bay. Like Brennan,  think he’s a guy who has the goods to play in the NFL. Hopefully he lands somewhere.

I love that Joey Harrington got cut in New Orleans, and I desperately hope that no team is stupid enough to try to land him. If he can’t land another job then he can also teach piano lessons to pick up a few extra bucks. My dislike of some players verges on the irrational. Harrington is definitely one of those players.

Andre’ Woodson was cut by the Giants. There another QB falling from grace story. Remember at the start of his senior year at Kentucky when there was talk he could go first overall?

The Colts kept four undrafted rookies on their final roster. You have to respect an established team like that that is still willing to take risks. That’s not enough to make me forgive them for cutting running back Mike Hart, though. He’s good enough to contribute at this level.

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