Dallas Mavericks Player Predictions: Free NBA Prop Bet Picks

Jason Kidd's Assist production is going to take a hit, as he finds himself playing less minutes this season.
With the 2010-11 season right on the doorstep, it’s time for player prop bets.  There’s always more than just past seasons’ averages.  One of the variables here with the Mavs you will see is a guy who doesn’t even have any player prop bets up on bodog, Rodrique Beaubois.  Without further ado, here are the player prop bets for the Dallas Mavericks for this season available at Bodog.

How many pts will Dirk average? – Over/Under 25.3

Under.  Dirk has averaged less than 25.3 for 3 of the last 4 seasons.  The lone exception was in 08-09 when he attempted 20 shots a game, over three more shots a game than his career average.  With Dallas’ team being nearly identical to years’ past, there is no reason to expect Dirk to have  a vintage Dirk year.  He’s only averaged more than 25.3 in 3 of his 11 career seasons, so this is an easy ‘under.’

How many rebounds will Dirk average? – Over/Under 8.5

Under.  Dirk’s rebounds per game have went down each of the last five seasons, as players tend to do as they age.  He was only at 7.7 last season, a .7 drop off of the year before, when he had 8.4 — still under the 8.5 average here.  Unless Dirk finds the fountain of youth, he will fail to get 8.5 rebounds or more, especially with Haywood and Tyson Chandler playing fresh legged all the time (they will likely split minutes at center), enabling them to snatch rebounds at a higher per minute rate than usual.

How many points will Jason Terry average during the 2010-11 NBA season? – Over/Under 17.0

Under.  With Rodrique Beaubois expected to see more time this year, there is no reason to expect Terry to outperform last year, when he saw 33 minutes a game.  If his minutes go down to the 28-30 range, expect Terry to average about 15.5 ppg.  Beaubois is the main factor in Terry’s ppg, as if Beaubois shines, Kidd and Terry will both see less minutes.

How many points will Caron Butler average during the 2010-11 NBA season – Over/Under 15.7

Under.  With Dallas last season, Butler’s average dipped from 16.9 ppg with to 15.2 ppg with Dallas.  His minutes also went down from 39 to 34 on Dallas, and with Marion waiting in the wings, Butler will not see the typical 39 minutes a game he did on Washington.  With about 32-34 minutes a game, Butler would have to shoot career high percentages to break 15.7 ppg

How many points will Jason Kidd average during the 2010-11 NBA season? – Over/Under 9.7

This one is tougher to call.  While 9.7 is LESS than what he averaged last season, he is now going to be yielding more minutes to Beaubois, as mentioned in the Terry prop bet.  The thing is, Kidd can easily score 6-7 ppg just on open threes.  I recommend steering clear of this bet.  There’s too many variables involved and it’s a crapshoot given the 9.7 average.

How many assists will Jason Kidd average during the 2010-11 NBA season? – Over/Under 10.0

Under!  He hasn’t averaged 10 apg in over 3 seasons now.  His last 10+ year was 07-08, and he has only got older since then.  Moreover, with the reduction in minutes, there is no reason to expect more than 10 assists a game from Kidd.  This is a sure-fire ‘under’ bet.

Who will average more rebounds per game during the 2010-11 NBA season – Haywood or Chandler?

This bet is another crapshoot, like the Kidd ppg bet.  Again, I advise staying clear of this bet, as in a time share situation and with nearly identical career rebounding stats, it is simply too hard to call.

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