Olympic Bet of the Day – Wow, that was frustrating. I won the first three legs of my parlay, and after two periods of the hockey game Slovakia was up 3-1 and cruising. The reason I picked them in the game was because they closed so strong against Canada, while Finland collapsed under pressure. Contrary to logic, then, it was Finland who mounted a rally – four goals in the third – while Slovakia collapsed and felt sorry for themselves. Ah well, clearly not meant to be. That means that I am now down $280 over the games. There’s only one bet to make today – Canada to win the gold medal. They are -127 to win in regulation. I’ll bet $357 on the game – that way I’ll profit $281, and at least make a profit on the two weeks.

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Olympic Bet of the Day – Another day of coming close. I won three of the four events I played and was only let down by Canada’s women curlers. Losing at curling doesn’t make me happy, but I am happy to forgive considering my boys will be playing for gold – and kicking the crap out of the Americans – on Sunday. What a game that’s going to be, but more on that tomorrow. Today we’ll have one last shot at a big parlay. The events will be: Canada (-1.5 -150) in the men’s curling final, Slovakia +194 over Finland in regulation time in the bronze medal hockey game, Jasey Jay Anderson (-125) over Benjamin Karl in the snowboarding, and Silvan Zurbriggen (-130) over Michael Janyk in the slalom. That will pay $1460.

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Olympic Bet of the Day – If you put a bunch of monkeys in a room of typewriters you’ll get a book eventually, and if you let an idiot pick parlays long enough he’ll eventually hit a winner. With Yu-Na Kim’s dominating win of the figure skating I clinched my first parlay win of the games. That’s a profit of $562 on the day, and that decreases the loss on the games to just $80 with three days left to get positive. In an attempt to eradicate that deficit I’ll try to get lucky with a parlay again. I’ll go with: Canada (-385) over Slovakia in hockey, Norway (+160) to win the men’s biathlon relay, Canada (-191) to win the women’s curling gold medal, and U.S. (-105) to beat Finland in hockey. That will pay $874.

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Olympic Bet of the Day – You know you’re not running hot when your parlay is derailed because the best speedskater in the world forgets what lane he is supposed to be in and gets disqualified. I’ll keep throwing good money after bad and try yet again to get out ahead. I’m $542 down in this mythical pursuit of profits. Parlays aren’t treating me well, but I’m obviously not smart enough to learn from that. Today’s version will include Martina Sablikova (-525) to win the 5000m speedskating, Nina Li over Xinxin Guo in the aerials (-221) as well as Li over Alla Tsuper (-248), Norway (+119) to win the cross country men’s relay, Great Britain (-1.5 +136) to beat Sweden in curling, and Canada and Russia hockey over 5.5 (-155). That would all pay $1753.  [Update: I dropped the Norway bet because the snow conditions are a total mess. The five event parlay would now pay $842.]

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Olympic Bet of the Day – Alright, enough fooling around – it’s time to do some winning. Like my fellow Canadians I am underperforming so far during these Olympics, but like my Canadians I plan to close strong. We’re going to start this road back to redemption with a nice, hopefully winning, five event parlay. It will include: Russia (+138) to win women’s biathlon relay, Sven Kramer (-510) to win the men’s 10,000m speedskating, Didier Cuche (-165) to beat Bode Miller in the giant slalom, Canada (-4.5  -114) over Germany in hockey, and Switzerland (-1  +110) over Belarus in hockey. That will pay $1702 if and when it wins.

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Olympic Bet of the Day – That was just a bad, bad day all-round. That’s all I’m going to say about that. Tomorrow is the quietest day of the games, and absolutely nothing of interest pops out, so the bet of the day is going to be to not make a bet. Tuesday’s a much more interesting day.

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Olympic Bet of the Day – I knew that there was a reason I don’t typically play parlays. I threw in the curling yesterday because they were the two games I felt most sure of. They were the only ones I lost. Annoying. These parlays are a lot of fun, though, so I’m going to keep trying. I pretty much have to because I have a bit of a hole to get out of – $342 – and only a week to get out of it. Here’s what I’ll be including today: Kristina Groves to win 1500m speed skating (-107), Ole Einar Bjorndalen (-265) over Michael Greis in 15km biathlon, Ivica Kostelic (-169) over Benjamin Raich in Super Combined, Russia (-145) over Czech Republic in hockey, and Canada (-188) over U.S. in hockey. That would pay a whopping $998 if it won. That would help.

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Olympic Bet of the Day – I had an easy win yesterday – I needed Finland to win by three goals, and they win by six. That means a modest profit of $83 on the day, and a loss up to this point of $242. Not great, but not bad all things considered. Today there is a lot going on, so I am going to do a big parlay to have a cheering interest in as much of it as I can. Here are the events: Sweden (-330) to beat France in men’s curling, Great Britain (-225) to beat the U.S. in women’s curling, Andrea Fischbacher (-110) to beat Fabienne Suter in Super G, Petter Northug (-205) to beat Dario Cologna in XC skiing, and Shani Davis (-400) to beat Chad Hedrick in 1500m speed skating. $100 on that will pay $568.

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Olympic Bet of the Day – Another close call – Switzerland lost a very close game by a single point. As we all know, though, close calls aren’t great for the pocketbook. I’m now down $225 on this mythical pursuit of Olympic profits. I’ll get it back, though. Today I am going to make a wildly public, uninspired but solid pick. Lindsey Vonn is, despite the low odds on her, a very good value play. She’s an unbelievably dominant force in women’s downhill skiing – she has five wins in six World Cup races this year, and she won a training run on the course this week. She has had very well publicized issues with a shin injury, but she has had an extended amount of time to heal, she was good enough to win that training run, and she is very determined. She stands a much better than even chance of winning in my eyes. Given that you can find her at even money if you look around, then, means that she is a good value bet. All my money today – $100 – is on her.

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Olympic Bet of the Day – We came darned close yesterday – our Japanese skater finished second by a very small margin. That means that we are down $125 after three days of betting. We’re going to get it back today by betting on women’s curling. I may get my passport taken away here because Canada loves their curling, but I am going to bet against them. Canada is the favorite in the tournament, and I like their chances of hitting the podium, but they have no international experience and little experience dealing with the pressure of large-crowd tournaments. Their first game is against he Swiss. Mirjam Ott has the distinction of being the only curler to own two curling medals – both silver. She’s a wily veteran and will be more settled early than Bernard and Canada. The Swiss are at +175, and I see a lot of value there.

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