As is always the case when we enter July there are a bunch of NFL free agents who haven’t landed on a new team yet, but who still have some rubber left on their tires. Most of them will likely end up somewhere by the time the season starts, but where or when isn’t always clear. Here are 10 guys that seem like potentially useful players in the right spot:

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Olympic Bet of the Day – You know you’re not running hot when your parlay is derailed because the best speedskater in the world forgets what lane he is supposed to be in and gets disqualified. I’ll keep throwing good money after bad and try yet again to get out ahead. I’m $542 down in this mythical pursuit of profits. Parlays aren’t treating me well, but I’m obviously not smart enough to learn from that. Today’s version will include Martina Sablikova (-525) to win the 5000m speedskating, Nina Li over Xinxin Guo in the aerials (-221) as well as Li over Alla Tsuper (-248), Norway (+119) to win the cross country men’s relay, Great Britain (-1.5 +136) to beat Sweden in curling, and Canada and Russia hockey over 5.5 (-155). That would all pay $1753.  [Update: I dropped the Norway bet because the snow conditions are a total mess. The five event parlay would now pay $842.]

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Apparently the Browns are committed to continuing their impressive legacy of losing. Eric Mangini?!? Really?!? Why in the world would you rush to be the first team to hire a new coach when he’s the one you are going to hire? You could have had an equally crappy coach weeks from now, and you could have held out hope in the mean time that a real coach would be available and interested. Terrible choice.

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There is always all sorts of news about injuries in the sports news, but there is a particularly large amount today that directly affects betting decisions through the weekend:

Charlie Manuel:
This isn’t directly an injury, but the Phillies’ manager lost his 87 year old mother today. He is staying to manage the game against the Dodgers. Manuel is very well liked by hos players, so I expect this to be a boost to the team. They will be playing for him. It’s also not that likely that he will be too distracted to be at his best – his mother had had a heart attack earlier in the week and wasn’t doing well, but he still managed a heck of a game in game one. I don’t know which team you like in this one, but I think that this is a check mark to put in Philadelphia’s column.

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