Baltimore Ravens Football
After last weeks win over the Dolphins the Ravens check in at #1 in our NFL power rankings
1. Baltimore Ravens, 6-2 (3) – The Ravens make it up to the top of our rankings after handing the Dolphins their first road loss of the season. The Raven defense bounced back after their flop against Buffalo. They play the Falcons this Thursday in one of the best games of week 10.

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Indianapolis Colts Football
The Colts continue to win and move up the weekly NFL power rankings
1. New England Patriots, 6-1 (3) – The Patriots have earned the right to be regarded as the top team in the League. New England has been more consistent, week in and week out, than any other team. The defense might not be good enough to make it out of the AFC, but for now, they’re #1 in both conferences.

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Chris Johnson Titans rushing the football
Chris Johnson and the Titans are slowly moving up the NFL power rankings
1. Pittsburgh Steelers, 4-1 (1) – The Steelers are undoubtedly a better team with Roethlisberger back. It took a little while, but Pittsburgh eventually put away the Browns and covered the spread. Colt McCoy actually had a pretty good game for Cleveland, which was surprising. The Steelers head down to Miami this week to take on a Dolphin team fresh off an underdog win at Green Bay.

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Roethlisberger is back and the Steelers check in at #1 in our NFL power rankings
1. Pittsburgh Steelers, 3-1 (1) – Pittsburgh welcomes back Ben Roethlisberger for their game against Cleveland. It will be interesting to see how the Steelers deal with expectations now that their starting qb is back. Rumor has it that Colt McCoy will be starting for the Browns, which should make this a comfortable return for Roethlisberger.

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No Roethlisberger, no problem, the Steelers checked in a #1 in our power rankings and now they get Big Ben back
1. Pittsburgh Steelers, 3-1 (1) – The Steelers lost at home to the Ravens, and any other year that’d be enough to unseat the top team in a power rankings poll. But this year is different. Parity is the norm. No team is decidedly better than the rest. The Steelers have been very good, and they’ve done it without Ben Roethisberger. He’s back now, so the Steelers stay #1.

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troy polamalu pittsburgh steelers
This guy is leading a nasty steelers defense that checks in at number 1 in our NFL power rankings
1. Pittsburgh Steelers, 3-0 (6) – No team has played better than the Steelers, and they’ve done it without their starting quarterback. Charlie Batch had 3 first half touchdowns against the formerly undefeated Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The defense has been spectacular.

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Baltimore Ravens Football
Even after a loss, the Ravens still check in at number 3 in our NFL power rankings
1. New Orleans Saints, 2-0 (1) – The champs had to work for it, but they managed to beat the Niners in San Francisco. San Fran gave the game away with their 4 turnovers. The Saints should be a little worried; their offense looks out of sync and the D gave up a lot of yards along with a late scoring drive. Nevertheless, the Saints are 2-0. Until they lose, New Orleans owns the top spot.

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New England Patriots Football
The Patriots moved up 2 spots to the number 3 spot in our NFL power rankings this week
1. New Orleans Saints, 1-0 (1) – The Saints earned a hard fought victory over the Vikings. The offense ended up being balanced, but expect to see Sean Payton run the ball more often in the first half of games. Garrett Hartley can’t afford miss easy kicks. The New Orleans defense was impressive.

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New Orelans Saints Football
Drew Brees and the Saints Check in at #1 in our NFL Power Rankings for Week 1
1. New Orleans Saints – The champs looked good in the preseason. Drew Brees leads one of the League’s elite offenses. The defense should be good enough. The Super Bowl will take place in Dallas, but the road goes through New Orleans.

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