How to Manage Your Bankroll

This has been discussed a lot, the idea that sports bettors really need to properly manage their wagering bankroll in order to make money. The fact is that you can be a great handicapper and make solid picks, but if you don’t practice sound fiscal management, you’re going to lose a lot of cash that (more…)

In Sports Betting All Evens Out

Sometimes you can lose faith as a sports bettor. This can certainly happen when you lose the swing game numerous times in a row. The swing game, topper, final bet of the night are all the same thing. It is the game that for that night will make you a winner (more…)

Money Management is Key in Sports Betting

If you’re a sports bettor and want to make money at it then you’ll need to commit to betting for the long term, and with that in mind, proper money management. The professional sports bettor who chases losses and takes unwarranted risks is doomed to go into the hole. It may (more…)

What’s Your Sports Betting Strategy?

There are a lot of different sports betting strategies out there. What’s to say that one is right and another is wrong? A betting strategy is right if it is effective and wrong if it’s ineffective. In any line of work that involves strategy there are various ways to attain success. As (more…)

With Sports Betting Time Will Tell

Okay, so you’ve decided to go with a sports betting pick service and the first night of picks they go 1-3. What are you thinking? Are you thinking, “I could have saved my cash and done better?” Is that what you feel?

This is what many sports bettors feel and say when they hire a (more…)

Should Unit Size Vary?

If you want to make money as a sports bettor, you must be knowledgeable about the sports on which you’re betting, about betting itself and about money management. Many sports bettors have a good sense of sports and betting but most don’t have a clue about what to do when it (more…)

Never Panic or Chase Your Losses in Sports Betting

If you engage in any sort of gambling, including sports betting, then you’ve had to experience a losing streak or two. What differentiates an amateur from a professional bettor is often the ability to deal with adversity. When a majority of your sports picks go south, when you find yourself losing that three-unit (more…)

Betting on Many Sports

Many times people get stuck on betting on just one or two sports. They might utilize a handicapping service to make their picks or do it on their own, but too many times they do so to focus on the NFL or college basketball or some combination of sports as they (more…)

Sports Betting and the Long Run

You’ve hit a bump in the sports betting road. You’re on a losing streak, and you don’t know why. What should you do? It’s something every sports bettor should do whenever they put money on a game.  Whether you’re on a winning, losing or breakeven streak, you simply want to practice the same drill.

That’s (more…)

Avoiding Money Draining Sports Betting Bankroll Blunders

Football season is just over the horizon. For most sports bettors that means that the serious betting action is about to get underway. There are few things on this planet better than betting on football. If you have the bankroll to do it properly and you manage that bankroll well that (more…)

Making Sure Your Bankroll is Healthy

It’s almost the start of the football season. Finally. That means that for most sports bettors in North America their bankroll is going to come under more strain from now until Christmas than it does at any other time in the year. When you are making more bets than at any time of (more…)

How to Calculate Bet Size for Sports Betting

One of the biggest challenges sports bettors face when it comes to money management is determining the appropriate bet size. Some handicappers are of the opinion that there is a right answer to the question. I just don’t buy that. I think that the right bet size is determined by a lot of (more…)

Sports Betting Money Management for October

This is the best time of the year to be a sports fan, but it can be a tough time for sports bettors. There is just so much going on for bettors – NFL and college football are in full swing, the baseball playoffs are underway, the NHL is about to drop (more…)

When to Adjust Bet Sizes for Sports Betting

Money management is a constant struggle for a lot of sports bettors. It can be very hard for bettors to have the discipline required to manage their money effectively. It can also be very tough to determine how much you should be betting on games – especially if you don’t use a (more…)

Is Your Betting Bankroll Handling Too Many Sports

The fall is a very exciting time for sports bettors who like to bet on many different sports. It can also be a very challenging one. Through the summer there is really just one North American sport to bet on – baseball. Baseball betting is challenging, but it also has a (more…)

Advantages of Betting Early and Late

Football is a unique sport to bet on in North America because there is so much time between games. In baseball the line for a game only comes out the night before the game is played, so you really only have a few hours in which to handicap the game and (more…)

Signs Your Sports Bets Are Too Aggressive

Finding the right balance in sports betting can be very difficult. You have to be aggressive enough to make sure you are making the most of the opportunities that are available, but if you are too aggressive then you’ll find yourself in a big financial hole. Earlier we looked at signs (more…)

Why Most Sports Bettors Lose

There are two things you can be reasonably sure of when it comes to sports bettors – most bettors are long term losers, and most of them will tell you that they are long term winners. The more you talk to bettors, the more you see that there are a few (more…)

How to Maximize Betting Profit On Winning Streaks

Sports bettors spend a lot of time thinking about losing streaks – how to avoid them, how to end them as soon as you can when they happen, and how to make sure they don’t destroy your bankroll. Just as important, though, is how to handle winning streaks. Most bettors don’t (more…)

Learning From Losing Streaks

One of the hardest things to get a sense of in sports betting is is when you need to stick with what you are doing even when it isn’t working, and when you need to make a change. No matter how good you are you are inevitably going to go through (more…)

Why Smart Bettors Take Time Off

For sports bettors the summer is definitely the quiet period. There is still lots to bet on – baseball, golf, tennis, car racing, and so on – but with football, basketball and hockey all on hiatus the big sports aren’t there for a lot of bettors. Many of those bettors will (more…)

What To Take Out Of Sports Betting Conversation With Friends

Whenever I meet another sports bettor I am always curious to ask them how much time they spend talking to other sports bettors about picks. There seems to be two different schools of thought about this. Some people like to handicap in virtual isolation and like to keep their picks and (more…)

Traits Needed To Be a Profitable Sports Bettor?

Sports betting is pretty much the most fun, challenging and rewarding way there is to spend time. If you aren’t cut out to be a sports bettor, though, it can be a very frustrating and expensive way to watch sports. I truly believe that anyone can be a successful sports bettor (more…)

The Top Sports Betting Traps To Avoid

Sports betting is full of traps for the casual bettor. Sportsbooks are in the business of making money, so they have to find as many ways as they can to siphon the money out of unprotected wallets. Smart bettors – or those who aspire to be – can recognize some of (more…)

Setting Your New Year Sports Betting Goals

If you were to talk to most successful sports handicappers you would find that, in one form or another, they set goals, and those goals help drive them to success. They might not formally do so, but they have an idea of where they are and where they want to be. (more…)

Is Your Betting Strategy Not Aggressive Enough?

Aggressiveness is a tough thing to balance for sports bettors. If you are too aggressive then you are going to see your bankroll disappear sooner or later. If you are too passive, though, then you are costing yourself money because you aren’t getting everything that you have earned based on the (more…)

Handling Hot & Cold Betting Streaks

Sooner or later every sports bettor endures a losing streak. If they say they don’t they are either lying to you or they don’t actually bet. That’s the bad news. The good news is that every bettor – unless they are hopelessly incompetent – will also eventually enjoy a winning streak. (more…)

Quality vs Quantity Sports Betting Strategy

A debate you will always hear when it comes to sports betting is what the ideal number of bets to make is. Should you look to make a large number of bets each week, or should you instead concentrate on a few games that are the highest quality and give you (more…)

New Year Resolutions for Sports Bettors

Happy New Year sports bettors! With the end of the year the time has come to make your resolutions – the ways you promise to change your life in the coming year. If you are like most sports bettors then you probably thinks about sports all of the time. It only (more…)

Learning From Your Bets After the Fact

Tell me if this sounds familiar – you make a sports bet, watch the game or check the score, celebrate a bit if you win or curse if you lose, then just forget about the bet. For most people that’s how it goes – you can’t spend much time looking at the (more…)

Tips For Betting on Sports During the Holidays

When the calendar turns to December each year the holiday season starts, and that means that our lives seem to get busier and more chaotic – mostly in a good way. For sports bettors December is a good time of year, with the NFL getting into the tense last weeks of (more…)

Common Bad Habits for Sports Bettor

Even the most successful sports bettors in the world develop bad habits, and those bad habits have an impact on their bottom line. The difference between them and the large majority of bettors, though, is that they are aware of what those habits are, they are on the lookout for them, (more…)

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