What NFL Handicappers Should Have Learned From the Preseason

0-4 in the Preseason once again for the Colts, dont worry, these guys are still damn good
As we are closing in on opening day for the National Football League, the fans had to endure a month of preseason games.

Clamoring for information to help handicap the openers, the preseason offers kernels of information. You just have to be careful of what you take from these exhibition games.

You can’t go by face value of the games. There are various amounts of game-planning for these games, but none as intense as the plans that are implemented from here on out.

Also, it’s impossible to know what the coaches were experimenting with. A certain defense may have been lit up on the field, but the coach was looking for a specific player and how he reacts to a certain situation.

But there the truth is out there. The problem lies in finding it.

What are some of the truths we can learn from preseason to use to our advantage to attack the week 1 NFL lines?

Minnesota Vikings: It’s clear that the Vikings are a quality team, but the offense has lacked some continuity. With Brett Favre’s late arrival and injuries to key skill players such as Sidney Rice, the offense is not clicking right now.

Buffalo Bills: They have not shown any sort of defense this preseason, to the degree that it’s hard to believe that they can flip a switch and turn it on. And, they can’t rely on the weather in Buffalo for a couple of months to slow down opponents. Take a strong look at totals with this team.

Pittsburgh Steelers: The quarterback situation is a mess there, and that does not take a rocket scientist to figure out. Ben Roethlisberger is out four games, and Byron Leftwich in injured. That leaves Dennis Dixon. They are going to be limited offensively to start the season.

Green Bay Packers: For offenses that have not looked good, the Packers are the opposite. They have looked like everybody is playing on the same page and are expected to put up some impressive numbers this season.

New York Jets: They are the same team as last year, good defense and limited offense and nothing in the preseason has changed that opinion, at least to start the season. With Santonio Holmes suspended to start the season, they will not get help right away.

Indianapolis Colts: They have not looked good in preseason, but don’t let that fool you. This is a classic case of the NFL smoke and mirrors. When the smoke clears, Peyton Manning will be standing as one of the top QBs in the league, as will the Colts, again.

Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens offense, which historically has been a problem, has shown some life. With the addition of Anquan Boldin, that adds big weapon. When the starters were playing, they produced.

Detroit Lions: They were so bad that any improvement looks drastic. With Matthew Stafford getting some experience, and the addition of Jahvid Best, the Lions have shown some ability to score, but this is a case that where you don’t want to get too excited. They still may be the fourth best team in that division.

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