Wednesday Notes

The Raptors just can’t catch a break. They are just barely hanging on to a playoff spot – one that is worthless anyway because it just means they’ll get crushed by the Cavs – and now they have to try to hold off the Bulls without Chris Bosh. Bosh tried to eat Antawn Jamison’s elbow last night. The hit wasn’t intentional, but it was so hard that he smashed his face, broke bones, and will be missing some time. The Raptors are lousy with Bosh, and without him they are impossibly bad. It’s possible that Bosh has played his last game for Toronto. What a pathetic organization the Raptors have turned into.

I’m not sure why, but I find myself rooting for Barry Zito after his talent evaporated when he crossed the Bay. He was too good to be as bad as he has been for the Giants. Given that, his first start ofthe season last night was certainly positive. Zito allowed just three hits and no runs in six innings while striking out five Astros and walking just one. Zito had about 10 decent outings in 33 starts last year. He only needs to be a little better than that to be useful as a second starter, and last night he looked like he might be there.At this point I’m sure the Giants would just be thrilled with .500.

If you are a fan of Arizona, Colorado, or Seattle then you can breathe a little easier after last night. San Diego’s Chris Young made his return to action last night against Arizona, and he was brilliant – just one hit in six innings. Young is returning from shoulder surgery – the same type of surgery that currently has Brandon Webb, Jeff Francis, and Erik Bedard on the DL to start the season. All of those guys are due back soon, and if Young is any indication then it seems reasonable to assume that they are going to be fine when they do return. A strong return would make each of those three pitchers’ teams significantly better. Obviously.

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