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Most of the dust has cleared from signing day, and we have a pretty good sense of how things will turn out. As a Michigan fan I am reasonably pleased – we lost two defensive ends that we needed, but we gained three players we weren’t supposed to get including a promising QB prospect in Denard Robinson and a nice receiver. Given that we went an incredibly lousy 3-9 last year this is one heck of a class. We should end up about 7th overall. Rich Rodriguez never had a class at West Virginia anywhere near this strong, so I am feeling good. Hope things went as well for you and your team. Unless you like Ohio State, in which case I hope none of your recruits qualify academically, your current players all quit, and you are forced to use the tuba players in your band as the offensive line, and the drum major at QB.

Andrew Bogut is out for eight weeks with a stress fracture in his back. On top of Michael Redd this is just cruelty on fate’s part. I’ll be careful not to overreact here, but I can’t really see how Milwaukee becomes anything besides a nice bet-against here.

I was doing some research for another project today. One interesting little tidbit that came out from that work – NBA teams with winning records above .700 (there are four – Boston, Orlando, Cleveland, and the Lakers) are 26-14 ATS in the second half of back-to-back games. That is significantly better than any other group. Further, of that group only Boston isn’t individually profitable in these situations.

Donovan McNabb is a real piece of work. In an interview on a Philly radio station he all but came out an blamed the defense for the loss to Arizona. I respect the guy’s play, but I don’t think there are many worse teammates in the league. The guy just can’t get out of his own way. He’s not like Terrell Owens of Pacman or some of the other overtly unlikable guys. He’s almost as bad, though. He is totally convincedthat he is always one hundred percent right and that nothing could possibly be his fault. If I were a fan of the Eagles I would be thrilled to see him leave town, even if a replacement wasn’t immediately obvious.

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  1. I have to say – and this is maybe really obscure – but I was sort of impressed with the Milwaukee Bucks. They were a crappy, irrelevant team last year and although they are not much better yet, it looked like Scott Skiles started to turn things around.

    For starters, their defense is significantly better and that’s mostly Skiles. Do you remember how awful they were on defense last year? Worst in the league.

    The Bogut injury is a tough break for sports bettors because the Milwaukee Bucks regular season win total is set at 30.5. Had they been healthy, they would have easily gone over the number. Now all of the sudden there’s some question.

  2. I agree. Skiles had that team moving in the right direction. No team has been hit harder by big injuries, and yet they haven’t completely lost their composure. I’m with you – I liked that win total as an easy over at the start of the season, too. I still feel good about it, though – they only have to go 7-23 down the stretch to get it.

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