Wednesday Notes

Ricky Hatton and Manny Pacquiao couldn’t agree on money, and their fight that was supposed to be on May 2 has been called off. It sounds fairly permanent, but I am hopeful that they can get over themselves and get the deal done. This one was going to be a great fight, and boxing needs all the big fights it can get. These are quite likely the two best fighters out there right now, and they clearly don’t like each other, so this thing could have ended with a corpse. Hatton is looking for a new opponent after pulling Pacquiao’s contract, but there is no one he can find who will be any better. Unless, of course, Floyd Mayweather can be coaxed out of retirement for a rematch. That would be one to watch. Actually, the only thing better than that one would be Pacquiao – Mayweather.

I saw Rex Ryan’s press conference as he was introduced as the new coach with the Jets. I don’t like the Jets much – especially if they bring Favre back – but after listening to Ryan I was ready to buy in. It’s about time one of the Ryan brothers got a chance at the reins, and I am bullish on his chances of making the best of it.

L.T. says that he has no intention of leaving San Diego. As good as he is this might be sacrilegious to suggest, but I wonder if it is time for him to be pushed out. His health isn’t great, and his attitude is lousy when he isn’t playing. They could free up some cash and probably extract some value by moving on now. The team pretty clearly needs a shakeup, so this could be a gamble that makes sense.

Jeff Kent retired today. I hate when I cry at work. Good riddance to a very talented but almost impossibly unlikable guy. I’d say that he’ll be missed, but I’m not sure by whom.

North Carolina hosts Clemson tonight. The Tar Heels are favored by 13, and I expect them to be very hungry and downright angry. If they aren’t then there are real problems.

I have the Bob Hope Classic on in the background today. There is no event that is more outdated and in need of an overhaul in all of sports (except for the Skins Game). The courses are stupidly easy, the field is weak, the celebrities are annoying, and it generally doesn’t make for much entertainment.

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  1. Forget Ricky Hatton, let’s get the fight everyone truly wants to see – Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquaio. Honestly.

    They missed the boat on LT – they should have traded him last year and kept Michael Turner and Sproles. Think about it for a sec – I know it would have been ballsy, but they could have gotten anything back for him at that point – even a top 10 NFL first-round pick.

    Now they lost Turner, they are going to lose Sproles, and they are stuck overpaying an over-the-hill who will have maybe one or two more good seasons.

    How about Venus Williams (-3500) losing???

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