Tuesday Notes

I was very, very disappointed to see the Vikings play last night. I’m so sick of Favre and his whole act that I was really hoping he’d continue to struggle. Hopefully that would lead him to going away faster. Unfortunately, he looked perfectly competent last night. In fact, he looked even a little better than than. He was comfortable and confident, and you could already tell that he was enjoying the concept of having an all-World running back for the first time. I don’t feel nearly as assured now of the ultimate failure of this experiment as I did a while ago, and that disappoints me.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have acquired Pacman Jones for the last ten games of the CFL season, calling it a positive marketing and business move. I don’t live that far from Winnipeg, and we sometimes make fun of the city and its people. Things like this are the reason why.

I like the aggressive moves the Dodgers made yesterday to maintain their NL lead, though one is a bit puzzling. The addition of Jon Garland is a no brainer – he’s a reasonably young pitcher with a good contract who has twice won 18 games and is pitching beter than his stats because he played for a horrible Arizona team all year. He adds real depth to the rotation, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he sticks around beyond this year. The Jim Thome move makes less sense to me. Don’t get me wrong – I think Thome is an amazing player, and even here in the tail end of his career he’s still putting up solid numbers. He’s a good clubhouse guy as well from all accounts. It’s just that the guy hasn’t played anything other than DH since 2007, and that was only one game at first. He’s not comfortable at all with playing much in the field, so that means that he will primarily have to just come off the bench. That limits him to at most one appearance per game. Surely the Dodgers could have found someone else who could have similarly boosted their lineup while being able to appear more often.

Rough break for the Timberwolves – they won’t be seeing Ricky Rubio until 2011. Rubio has been traded to Barcelona, and won’t be available for the next two seasons. Minnesota had been pushing hard to get him this year recently, so they must clearly be frustrated. Luckily, they also drafted Jonny Flynn, so they aren’t completely hung out to dry with this situation. That leads to a potentially interesting situation down the road, though – if Flynn can establish himself as a top-level point guard in the next two years then Rubio could become an expendable, and presumably valuable, asset when he does come over here. The T-Wolves would certainly have rather had him in the fold this year, but this isn’t a total disaster for them.

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