Even with preseason NFL games, nothing can be easy.  This past weekend proved no exception. I e-mailed a friend of mine who covers an NFL team and wanted to get a gauge on the state of the team going into the Giants-Ravens game.  “Why would you bet on these preseason games?” was his response.  Quite frankly, I replied, that if you pick your spots, you can find some good spots. Unfortunately, he was no help with his game. I was on my own to pick out some good plays.  As usual, the NFL serves up more ups and downs than your county fair roller coaster.

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Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers
Once again the public is betting on Green Bay hand over fist tonight
The Seattle Seahawks welcome the Green Bay Packers to Qwest Field Saturday night. Oddsmakers initially listed the Seahawks as 2 point favorites, but heavy public betting on the Pack (90% at some sites) has brought the line down. According to our NFL point spreads page, sportsbooks are now offering the ‘Hawks at -1 or simply as a pick game.

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Preseason games are ridiculously stupid. I can’t think of a single reason why there needs to be four preseason games. Well, I guess there is one, and it’s the only one that matters – four games means that owners can charge full price for two more home games every season. The league is all about money after all. I don’t endorse or enjoy preseason games, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t obviously some value in paying attention to the games. Here are ten things that have jumped out for me from what has transpired so far:

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The NFL preseason is pretty much a waste of time. The last game is a total farce. There are about a billion reasons why I hate everything about this week’s NFL games, but here are seven to start:

1. No one tries – Pretty much every team has answered their big questions by now. Those that haven’t don’t want to risk getting hurt. The rash of big name inuries in the preseason this year – Osi Umenyiora, Jason Taylor, Shawne Merriman, Chad Johnson, Tom Brady, etc. – will do nothing to help. The starters will start, but they will be on the bench so fast it will be laughable.

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