Haven’t yet figured out why the Vikings signed Brett Favre? I haven’t really, either, but here’s a big part of it – in the 24 hours following the signing they sold 3,000 season tickets and 10,000 individual game tickets. They have 7,000 season tickets left, and you can only go to the Green Bay game with a season ticket, so they will certainly sell even more. The extra ticket sales and jersey sales alone will pay for the contract, and now the team won’t have to struggle with blackouts like they have in recent years.

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The third funniest thing I heard yesterday was that Richard Gasquet, the tennis pro suspended for testing positive for cocaine, decided to use the kissing defense. He claims that he was out partying one night when he kissed a random girl who had just happened to have recently snorted cocaine. Remnants of that cocaine were, he claims, still on her lips, so it was transferred to him when he went for the lip-lock. The next day he was drug tested and that’s why he says that test was positive. That sounds like the kind of theory that only a coke addict could come up with.

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It turns out that drug cheating isn’t just limited to baseball. NASCAR driver and team owner Jeremy Mayfield tested positive for an illegal substance and has been suspended indefinitely. He’s following the script exactly as he is supposed to – he claims that this is all a big misunderstanding and that it was just prescription medication that caused the problem. Shocking. This should be a much bigger story than the baseball ones. What’s the worst that can happen if a baseball player is high or juiced – he hit better than heshould and makes a mockery of the record books. There is nothing good at all that can come from a guy who is driving 200 miles an hour inches away from other cars who is baked out of his mind.NASCAR really should have a one-strike-you’re-out policy.

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