Many NFL betting experts are already comparing the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles to the NBA’s Miami Heat after their flurry of moves during free agency this preseason.  That isn’t necessarily a good thing for the Eagles considering the Heat fell short in their quest for the NBA championship this past June.  But you can bet Philadelphia head coach Andy Reid and his team would be more than happy to be playing in Super Bowl XLVI at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis on February 5.

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As the 2009 MLB season opens, you can’t help but give the futures market one more look. This 162-game, 30-team, seven-month drama is just about impossible to predict. That would explain the fact that although the Yanks have been the favorites to win it all every year in this century, they have finished out of the running each time. Here’s how it looks as far as futures wagering goes.

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It is obviously not at all my intention to turn this into a political debate. I just couldn’t help but take a betting lesson from the speculative frenzy around Barack Obama’s running mate this week. As I write this the announcement has not been made, though it seems to have leaked that it will be Evan Bayh (the leak came from a company that was printing Obama-Bayh bumper stickers. Did no one see that coming? Seems a bit inevitable). That’s  not of interest to me. Instead, what caught my eye was the news this morning that Rep. Chet Edwards had made the short list and was one of the few (three or four) potential candidates that had had his background checked.

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I know I am supposed to be leaving college basketball behind and focus on baseball or the NBA or the NHL or something, but I just can’t let it go quite yet. As I was taking one last look at things before moving on I came across the odds for the 2009 National Championship. Now, there are a lot of ridiculously bad bets out there, but none are any worse than these. They are full of sucker bets. Here are some of the more laughable:

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