Selected NBA Prop Bets: Brooklyn Nets at Atlanta Hawks

Deron Williams had a huge game 4, but has done little in the other four games in this series.
Deron Williams had a huge game 4, but has done little in the other four games in this series.

Brooklyn at Atlanta
Time: 7 PM CST

Let’s take a look at several selected prop bets from tonight’s playoff matchup between the Atlanta Hawks and Brooklyn Nets. It is Game 6 and the Hawks lead the series 3-2. The home team has won every game in this series, and this will be played in Brooklyn.

Will Deron Williams score more than 23.5 points?
Yes +700; No -1400

The easy answer here is ‘no.’ Deron Williams has had one monster game in this postseason, game 4 in which he erupted for 35 points on 25 field goal attempts. In the other four games he has attempted 11, 7, 8 and 8, respectively.

Williams shot just 2 of 8 in game 5, and unless he just gets it in his head to have another huge game, it’s hard to see it happening. Williams played 32 minutes in game 5, but in that game 4 explosion he played 45 as the Nets won by five. Williams only scored three points in the other home game this series. No, at -1400, looks very attractive still.

Will Deron Williams record a double-double?
Yes +600; No -1000

‘No,’ again. He has not had more than eight assists in any game this series, and he had 10 boards in game 2. That’s one out of ten double chances not added to the fact he’s only scored 10 or more points in two of the five games. No, again.

Will Jeff Teague score more than 25.5 points?
Yes +650; No -1200

No. Jeff Teague has scored 20 points the last two games, and the first three games he failed to eclipse 17 points. While the Hawks need a big scoring game from someone tonight, it is more likely to come from Paul Millsap or even Kyle Korver. Teague takes about 16 shots a game and averages 4.6 free throws per game.

Teague will essentially have to go 10 or 11 out of 16 with all four free throws. Unless Atlanta changes its attack, he doesn’t shoot enough to score 26 tonight.

Will Jeff Teague record a double-double?
Yes +500; No -800

This is a bit nicer of a proposition at +500 for ‘Yes.’ Teague has averaged 9.5 assists and 20 points per game over the last two games, and the value is nice for Yes on this one.

Will Paul Millsap score more than 26.5 points?
Yes +800; No -1600

This may be Paul Millsap’s game to go off. The 2015 All-Star has struggled the last two games, scoring just 26 in the two combined. But Brooklyn is weak at power forward defensively (Brook Lopez) and Millsap is getting his looks. However, 26.5 points is a stretch. It seems Millsap likely goes for 20 or 21, which makes this another No.

Will Paul Millsap record a double-double?
Yes +140; No -170

Yes. Paul Millsap has had double-doubles in two of his past three games and really just had a bad game 5, which saw him get just six boards while hitting 4 of 11. Millsap rebounds and records the dub-dub.

Will Kyle Korver score more than 22.5 points?
Yes +600; No -1000

Kyle Korver scored between 20 and 29 points just seven times this season. In the postseason, he has yet to score more than 21 points. While the Hawks need a big game, it can come in the form of hitting four or five threes to record a more typical 16 points. No, Korver does not score 23 or more.

Total Points/Rebounds Brook Lopez, 29.5
Over -130, Under EVEN

Brook Lopez had done a great job rebounding the ball until last game when he grabbed just three. He’s had double-doubles in three of the five games this series, and he’s scored in double-figures in all five games. Last game, he combined points and rebounds for just 18, but he had 36 in game 4, and 35 in game 3. This is an OVER.

Total Points Bojan Bogdanovic, 10.5
Over -115; Under -115

OVER. Bojan Bogdanovic has scored 54 points in 5 games for a 10.8 point per game average, but he also shot 13 and 12 field goal attempts in games 3 and 4, both of which were Nets wins. The Nets know that getting Bogdanovic his three-point looks is imperative. He’s knocked down a three in every game in this series, and had three in both games 3 and 4. The Nets will get him the looks to score 11 or more in this game.

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