Selected NBA Player Prop Bets for Tonight, March 9th, 2011

It’s been a long time since I have done a player prop bet article, but I’m returning to it tonight, facing a string of juicy betting lines, especially given the dust settling in after the trade deadline.  Many players (Kris Humphries being one here) have benefitted from trades, and Bodog usually tends to stick with season performance and averages without taking recent play into account.  So let’s have a look at 15 different lines for tonight’s games.

Cousins has been playing well, but can he keep it up against Dwight Howard?

Kris Humphries over/under 24 Pts+Rebs vs GSW

OVER.  Since the trade of Derrick Favors and Troy Murphy, Humprhies has found himself playing an absurd amount of minutes.  In the triple overtime win against Toronto, Humphries played a team high 53 minutes and came through with 20 points and 17 rebounds.  Over the past three games he is averaging 34.3 Pts+Rebs (and the Nets have won two of those three games).

Kevin Durant over/under 28 Pts vs PHI

UNDER.  Durant has failed to score 28 points in 5 of his last 6 games and over those 6 games he is averaging only 22.5 points per game.  Also, over his career against Philadelphia, Durant has averaged only 23.4 a game.  It’s mostly due to the defense of Iguodala.  Last time we went with the under against Philly, Durant scored 31 and the ‘under’ was lost.  This time we’ll hope Iguodala  can limit Durant’s quality shots.

Russell Westbrook over/under 31 Pts+Asts vs PHI

OVER.  Westbrook has went over this line for 3 of his last 4 games and he punished the Sixers last game very badly, going for 31 points and 12 assists.  Holiday is a good defender, so it’s tough to see why Westbrook had such a big night, but history supports an ‘over’ on this one.

Serge Ibaka over/under 19 Pts+Rebs vs PHI

OVER.  Ibaka has averaged 19 Pts+Rebs over his last 4 games, but over the last 2 he has avearged 21 Pts+Rebs.  Last game against the Sixers he got exactly 19 Pts+Rebs.  This line is pretty accurate and on point, but an ‘over’ seems like the best bet here.

Jose Calderon over/under 9.5 Asts vs UTA

OVER.  Calderon is averaging 12.3 assists per game over his last three games and before a two game stint with only 15 assists, he was in double digit assists for 6 consecutive games, giving him 8 of his last 11 games with 10 assists or more.

Blake Griffin over/under 34 Pts+Rebs vs BOS

UNDER.  Though Griffin did have a big game last time against Boston, he still fell 2 under this line.  I have trouble seeing how Garnett had so much trouble against someone with so little experience, unless Griffin really is “THAT” good.  His play of late has been rock solid, but with Garnett covering him you would have to expect it falls off a little.

Rajon Rondo over/under 23.5 Pts+Asts vs LAC

OVER.  Rondo has had three big games against Mo Williams and Cleveland this year and now that Mo Williams is on the Clippers, those stats become relevant here.  Over the three games against the Cavs and Mo Williams, Rondo put up 24.33 pts+asts, slightly over the line set tonight by Bodog.

David West over/under 26.5 Pts+Rebs vs DAL

OVER.  Chris Paul is expected to miss tonight’s game, meaning West is going to be relied upon even more heavily offensively.  He’ll be going up against the taller Dirk Nowitzki, but he should be able to get enough baseline jumpers to put up 20+ points, which leaves him only needing to get his season average in rebounds to exceed the line.

Roy Hibbert over/under 21.5 Pts+Rebs vs MIN

UNDER.  Hibbert has consistently fallen just under 21.5 and has failed to exceed that line for the last 8 games.  I think Bodog is doing a lot of Hibbert’s (and most players) lines off his season average without taking into account his poor play of late.

Darren Collison over/under 18.5 Pts+Asts vs MIN

UNDER.  Collison is only averaging 13.3 Pts+Asts over his last 8 games and last game against the Wolves he only managed 8 points and 6 assists.  His minutes have been down of late, as he is only averaging 23.5 mins per game over his last 6 games.

Carmelo Anthony over/under 27 Pts vs MEM

UNDER.  Carmelo is averaging 20.5 points per game this year against the Grizzlies, mainly due to the defense of Rudy Gay.  Gay has the length and strength to matchup well against Anthony, and if Anthony does score over 27, it certainly won’t be by much.

O.J. Mayo over/under 13 Pts vs NYK

UNDER.  Mayo has scored 13 or under in 6 of his last 7 games and has had a 0 point game and a 3 point game during that stretch.  Mayo is always theoretically capable of coming out and scoring 20, but it seems a stretch to believe by his play of late that he will eclipse 13 points tonight, even against the fast paced New York Knicks.

Dwight Howard over/under 25 Pts vs SAC

OVER.  Howard has historically punished Samuel Dalembert all throughout his Sixer days and when Dalembert isn’t covering Dwight, the inexperienced DeMarcus Cousins will be trying to.  Moreover, Dwight is going to be extremely fresh after serving a one game suspension and will probably come out with a chip on his shoulder after having to serve the suspension.

Dwight Howard over/under 14.5 Rebs vs SAC

OVER.  Howard went for 17 rebounds last time against Sacramento and he has had 15 rebounds or more in 3 of his last 5 games.

DeMarcus Cousins over/under 24 Pts+Rebs vs ORL

UNDER.  Cousins struggled mightily last game against the Magic, going for only 16 Pts+Rebs.  He’s been playing well, but inconsistency has plagued him all year, as well.

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