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Greg Schiano should have taken one of the jobs he was offered before he quit looking like a genius at Rutgers. That loss to North Carolina last night was very, very ugly. Butch Davis is going to turn NC around, but not that quickly or dramatically.

Until Beanie Wells steps on the field or the game ends I am not going to believe a single thing that is said about his status. He’s fine, then out, then uncertain, then fine then out again, then maybe fine. Ridiculous. Frustrating for everyone but those who are Buckeyes’ backers. This will only make the underdog line more attractive.

This whole Vince Young situation is a mess, and a good example of how the media doesn’t make things better. He says he is fine and the whole thing has been blown out of proportion, but I can’t imagine that Jeff Fisher would have involved a psychiatrist or the police if things were hunky-dory. I don’t see how the team can not be distracted, but then it’s not like Young is a big loss right now given his play. The only thing I know for sure is that the Titans will likely be a pass until the dust settles a bit.

I’m really looking forward to when the USC – Ohio State game is over. The hype and coverage is out of control.

I feel like the Kansas – USF game isn’t going to be close. I just can’t convince myself which team is going to come out ahead.

I’m glad we don’t have hurricanes where I live.

The more news I hear out of San Diego, the more concerned I get about the Chargers. Is there a healthy player on that roster?

What’s wrong with the NL Central? The Cubs can’t win, the Brewers can’t take advantage of it, and now the Astros are mounting a charge. Of the three I’m most concerned about the Cubs – they got this far partly due to pitching, and the pitching is getting harder and harder to trust.

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