No Draft Viewing For Me

For the first time in a lot of years I am probably not going to be sitting down to watch the draft today – too many things to see and do in New York to waste six hours in front of the TV. I like watching the draft, and there are things I will miss about it, but there are also a whole bunch of things I really won’t miss at all about watching the coverage or the accompanying analysis on other channels. Here are some of them:

1. Mel Kiper – The guy’s hair freaks me out. It looks like a living thing – like a weasel or a baby racoon. It’s more than that, though – I can’t handle listening to Kiper because Kiper likes listening to no one better than himself. He’s a raving egomaniac, and he seems to be more and more out of touch with things as time has progressed. He likes to make big pronouncements, and he seems to believe that volume and speaking speed make up for the stunning gaps in logic he is so effective at spewing out.

2. Those drunk Jets fans sitting in the balcony.

3. The monotony of the talking heads. It’s not too bad early on, but by about pick 12 or so they have said evrything original and insightful that they have to say, and they are forced to repeat themselves endlessly. Or, worse yet, they try to come up with clever things off the cuff. That almost never goes well.

4. Mike Mayock – See the Kiper comments and just ignore the stuff about the hair.

5. Adam Schefter – He often comes up with some interesting stuff and the odd draft day scoop, but he’s just way too intense. Just watching him puts me on edge.

6. The stupid graphics and segment names – They try way too hard to make the draft look like more than it is.

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