NBA Season Win Totals: 2010 Miami Heat Betting Odds

2010 miami heat bettingThe 2010 Miami Heat roster looks a lot better than just a week ago and the NBA betting odds and season win totals have been adjusted. The Big three signed their contracts, with Dwyane Wade surprisingly getting the least money. Udonis Haslem decided to take less money than other teams were offering and stay in South Beach.

With Mario Chalmers still on the team and Mike Miller on his way the Heat roster is starting to shape up. However, the team is still lacking an elite big man, and Chalmers isn’t the best option to run the point.

It looks like players are willing to take pay cuts to play with the Miami Thrice, but I don’t see the team stocking up enough talent to have a deep bench. I have no doubt the team will acquire the players it needs over the next years, but I don’t think the Heat will be able to ride the three kings to a championship in the first year.

Bodog offers a bet on how many wins the Heat will get in the regular season, and I think the 65 regular season win total is set too high. I don’t see Miami getting to 65 in year one of their three man attack. The problems we have talked about the day after LeBron’s decision still loom large.

There is no question the big three will be almost impossible to cover, and that a sharp shooter like Mike Miller will make great use of the open shots he will get. After all, he did shoot a ridiculously high 48 percent from beyond the arc last season.

He has racked up a 40.5 three point percentage in his career, and has shot over 40 percent from three-point-land in six of his 10 seasons in the league. Miller will be a great addition to the team, but then what?

The Heat will be able to take the lead early in the game, riding the three kings and Miller, but who will hold the lead when they get a break? So far, the team barely has enough players to field a team. I don’t think they can lure enough players to Miami that can keep up with the competition when the starters are on the bench.

And that’s not even the biggest concern. What are the Heat going to do if one of their superstars gets hurt? Who will step in if the big three turn into the big two or – God forbid – two of them go down?

Wade hasn’t played a full 82 games ever in his NBA career. He played only 51 games in 06/07 and 07/08 respectively. Bosh played 81 games in 04/05, but he played only 69, 67, and 70 in three of the last four years.

James’ stats look the best here, but even he played 80+ games only twice in his seven year career. In comparison, Michael Jordan played all 82 games nine times and 80+ games 11 times in 15 years in the league.

The team will also struggle defensively. Wade has shown that he can play defense, and so has LeBron. However, Chris Bosh hasn’t shown as much and that could be trouble for the Heat. Haslem can provide some help on D, but Miami will most likely be outrebounded on many nights.

Also, the Heat will have to figure out how to distribute shots between the Big Three and see who will get the ball when it counts. They can’t score the way they are used to and all three of them have to cut back on their shots and points.

I think 65 is too high, and I would go with the under at -135 here. I think the Heat will add more pieces to the puzzle over the next years and will be completely dominant, but they don’t have the right supporting cast yet to win 65 in 2010/11.

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  1. Put the crack pipe down…. Defense????? Wade, James, and Bosh are great defenders. Depth???? The Big 3 are going to take a break all at the same time. They will be favored in EVERY game. Besides Kobe and Durant…The Heat will have the 3 best players on the floor against EVERYONE THEY PLAY!!!!! Lebron’s Cavs won 56 games without Wade and Bosh. C’MON MAN!!!!

  2. They will not be favored in every game. even the 72-10 bulls team were underdogs 3 times over the course of the season and Miami isnt anywhere close to the rating that team had nor will they ever over the course of the 6 year contracts for those 3.

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